The Cleaning Tip That Will Change Your Life

***This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

I think most of us would say we’re pretty good at keeping our homes clean. We all probably do the basics make sure the bathrooms are clean, vacuum, take out the trash and those other basic cleaning tasks.


What would you say if I told you that you’re most likely completely failing at one of these basic home cleaning tasks? You’d probably tell me I’m totally wrong and that your home looks fantastic with the Instagram photos to prove it.


Let me take you back a few years ago. Kevin and I bought our first home together in 2019. We did all the things to get ourselves ready to move.


We asked around for boxes, closed on the townhome, did a bunch of DIY updates to the new place and packed up the apartment we were renting.


Move day is the day I realized that my pretty good cleaning routine maybe wasn’t that great.


We moved all of the furniture and WHOA! There was a thick layer of dust underneath Every. Single. Piece.


Well that might be a little bit of an exaggeration since some of the pieces sit on the floor but all the pieces that had space or didn’t sit flush with the floor had so much dust.


Between Kevin’s asthma and the fact that dust makes my allergies terrible I have always been one to over vacuum. I’ll get down on the floor and use the attachment and everything. I just could not believe how much dust had accumulated!


Because of that discovery I’ve decided that the one cleaning hack that everyone needs to add to their yearly cleaning schedule is the moving of the furniture and clean underneath.


Here are a few tips I’ve learned since integrating this into our yearly cleaning schedule.


1.     Decide on a schedule

First things first. Decide how often you’re going to be moving the furniture in your house. Since most of the year our windows are closed because of one extreme in weather or the other we felt that twice a year would suffice.


Maybe you live in a warmer climate and your windows and doors are open all the time. You’re going to have way more dust and other items flying in to your home on a regular basis.


2.     Don’t do it alone

Last year was the first time Kevin and I decided that we needed to make it a biannual to do. Let me tell you it was rough. Now that we’re actually “adults” we have adult furniture. In other words, it’s freaking heavy!


This year we learned from our mistakes. We decided that hiring Chicago labor movers like  JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc  was definitely the way to go.


You might think it’s silly to hire a moving company when you’re just moving furniture to vacuum but let me tell you the two of us were sore for several days after and it took us SO long. Hiring a reputable moving company like JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc  makes all the difference. Plus you’ll actually complete the project that way.


3.     Block out your day

Even though you’re going to be smart (since you read this post first!) and hire a moving company like JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc  to help with this project you’ll still want to block out an entire day.


Even if you’re just doing the vacuuming part you’ll want to leave enough time for the movers to move the furniture and put it back the way you want. If you don’t block the day there is a good chance you probably won’t come back and finish up the project.


4.     Take it up a notch

If you have carpet throughout your home you should think about taking it up a notch. Rent yourself a carpet cleaner at the same time and do an ultimate cleaning after you vacuum.


This is an especially a good time since you’ve got the help from fantastic Chicago labor movers like them, you can focus on the deep clean while they do all the heavy lifting!


Don’t let your floors look like ours! Even though we all are not fans of cleaning under your furniture once or twice a year will make a difference. You’ll see the difference in your allergies for sure and who knows maybe like Kevin you’ll even see a difference in your asthma. If nothing else you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is cleaner.  

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