5 Simple Ways to Build Self Discipline

Doing things when those things are boring, when you don’t want to or when you plain just don’t feel like it is absolutely essential to success. To achieve that success you need to be self disciplined. 

I don't think being self disciplined comes natural to anyone. Even the most successful person had to build up that skill. Like other skills anyone can build it!

Know your flaws & weaknesses
You won't be able to fix something if you don't figure out where the issue is. Say you're trying to loose weight and you think you're doing everything right but don't realize that you're snacking 3-4 times a day. 

Don't let your problems control your life. Working on identifying your weaknesses will ultimately help your development and make you stronger. 

Just get started
Have you ever been swimming and you just can't get in the water because you know it's going to be cold? You know that the first minute you're in the water is going to be agony but then once you're in it will be ok. You just can't make that first jump?

Like jumping in the pool getting started at any task can be the hardest part. Once you start  maintaining that momentum will be so much easier. 

Start small
Rome wasn't built in a day and your new found self-discipline won't either. Break it down into parts and work to tackle each part. 

One way I've been building my self-discipline is making sure I complete the task all at once. Don't leave it until later. Is your MO to pull out your laundry and lay it out but not put it away for two days? Make sure you take care of it all at once. 

Build a routine
It can be really easy to give up on something if you're not doing it every day. I mean I started 2022 with the good intentions of posting twice a week. Then things kept "popping up" and I would say to myself "I'll do it tomorrow". 

We're at about two weeks of I'll do it tomorrows now! This is why making it a part of your every day routine is very beneficial when it comes to self-discipline 

Deal with distractions
I always like to have some sort of sound going when I work on things. I've realized that putting on the TV isn't that great of background noise for me it's more of a distraction. When you work on a project are you checking your phone every ten minutes?

Identify those distractions and work to silence them. Do a lot of research on your phone during projects? Turn off all your notifications. Maybe you have lots of people in your house. Try working in a different space like your local library. 

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