Crush Your Goals & Get Sh*t Done

New year ... new you right? Maybe not new but definitely working to improve and be the best you can be right? Get ready to head into the new year by slaying your goals and get sh*t done. 

Maybe you weren't as successful with your goals this past year or kept around some bad habits. The new year is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and move forward. 

Maybe you had a fantastic year and slayed your goals all year. Keep up that momentum into the new year and let it fuel you. 

Reflect first
For a long time I would just run from one project or thing to do to the next. I got a lot done but it wasn't always the best. When I was in high school my dad started asking me this one simple question. What did you learn?

Since then I've tried really hard to take time to reflect and see what I learned before moving forward. Be sure to take some time and reflect on the last year. 

Don't just reflect on those things that you need to improve on. Take time to reflect on your successes. Maybe even write them down and share them. 

Did you accomplish what you wanted to?
What went wrong this past year? What can you do to change it?
What areas were you successful in?

These are just a couple of the questions that can help you reflect on the past year before moving forward. 

Decide on your goals 
You can't accomplish anything if you don't set yourself up to succeed with smart goals. Setting smart and realistic goals is very important.

You don't want to aim too low or too high with your goals. Aiming too high will set you up for failure and you'll get discouraged too easily. Aiming too low will have you not really achieving your goals either.

Maybe your goals are larger than one year but you can break those larger, longer goals into smaller goals. We are working on setting 5-10 year goals right now but know that we need to break them up into smaller more manageable steps.  

Create an action plan
Now that you have your goals set up, break them up into even smaller actionable steps. Even if the goal itself is s smaller one you still want to think of an action plan for it. 

Are you a weekly to do list person? Maybe you're more of a plan out each day type. Use whatever plan works best for you and start to break down those goals. 

Start with smaller tasks to get the ball rolling. You'll feel very accomplished and be able to use that motivation to keep going. 

Track your progress
Tracking your progress and accomplishments can help you see what you've done and where you need to focus. 

I used to track in a little notebook but have been using digital methods like Evernote and DayZeroProject. If you're a paper notebook or planner person invest in one that you love and has the features you like.  Whatever way works best for you make sure to use it consistently. 

As you track your progress be sure to review what you've tracked along the way. As I'm working through my 101 list items I'm regularly looking through my list and developing new action tasks that I need to complete. 

As you're looking back at your progress make sure to revaluate your action plan and goals too. Life changes and sometimes we need to change our goals accordingly. 

Enlist help
When you're working on your goals and getting sh*t done it can be tough to go it alone. Be sure to let your support system know what you're working towards. They can cheer you on and make sure you're continuously working towards those goals. 

Maybe you've got a more active support system and they will be willing to help accomplish some of your action items and goals. 

Keep up your motivation
It can be tough to keep up your motivation throughout the year. You don't have to keep it up all the time but try not to loose it for too long!

Lean on your support system when your motivation is feeling less than stellar. Take a break if you're feeling less than motivated. 

Then get right back on track and keep crushing it!

I'm ready to make this year my best! What about you?! How are you going to crush your goals this year?

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