100 Items to Purge From Your Home Now!

This is the time of year where lots of new things enter into our homes. From gifts we're given by other people to gifts we buy for ourselves there is a good chance your home with have some new items in it by the end of the year. 

When you add all those new things to an already cluttered and overcrowded home it can get even more overwhelming. 

Take some time now to evaluate the spaces in your life and see if there is anything that you can purge. It can be tough to know what should and could be purged. Here is a list of 100 items that you definitely don't need to keep around. 

Are there any of these items your guilty of keeping around?

Living Room

1.      Extra throw pillows

2.      Old magazines

3.      Home decor items that don’t fit your style anymore

4.      Burnt up candles

5.      Board games that are never played

6.      Children toys that have been outgrown

7.      DVDs & CDs

8.      Wall art you don’t like anymore

9.      Unused video game consoles & games

10.   Damaged remote controls

11.   Empty photo albums



12.   Plastic cutlery

13.   Plastic takeout containers

14.   Extra mugs & glassware

15.   Chipped glassware, plates and mugs

16.   Containers without a lid

17.   Extra reusable shopping bags you never used

18.   Extra or old kitchen appliances

19.   Expired food in the fridge

20.   Old or unused condiments

21.   Expired non-perishable items in the pantry

22.   Old cooking utensils

23.   Old or cracked cookware

24.   Extra plastic bags

25.   Old takeout menus

26.   Expired store flyers

27.   Expired coupons

28.   Extra water bottles

29.   Extra placemats & linens

30.   Worn-out sponges

31.   Finished alcohol cans and bottles

32.   Unused napkins that are piling up


Laundry Room & Garage

33.   Cleaning supplies that are never used

34.   Broken umbrellas

35.   Old lightbulbs

36.   Old batteries

37.   Gardening tools and pots you don’t use

38.   Extra nuts, bolts, and screws

39.   Stockpile of empty shipping boxes

40.   Unused home improvement tools

Home Office & Hobby Rooms

41.   Extra office supplies like pens, pencils, staples, paper clips, sticky notes, etc

42.   Office supplies that no longer work because they’re dried out

43.   Extra folders

44.   Old receipts (unless you need to save them for tax reasons)

45.   Extra notebooks or paper pads

46.   Old unneeded paperwork for taxes

47.   Damaged electronics that are never used

48.   Excess electronics like earbuds or mice

49.   Office furniture that you never use

50.   Books you don’t read

51.   Extra phone chargers

52.   Damaged or extra connecting cables

53.   Old textbooks

54.   Old phone cases

55.   Supplies for your hobby that you never used

56.   Supplies for a hobby you stopped caring about



57.   Old, stained bed sheets

58.   Extra blankets and comforters

59.   Extra pillows

60.   Damaged luggage

61.   Extra hangers

62.   Knick-knacks that don’t mean anything to you



63.   Old bras that no longer fit

64.   Nylons and tights with holes in them

65.   Childhood clothing

66.   Clothes you don’t wear because they’re not trendy anymore

67.   Clothes and shoes that no longer fit

68.   Clothes you just don’t feel good wearing

69.   Worn out clothing

70.   Shoes that are damaged or have holes

71.   Jewelry that is never worn

72.   Extra or worn-out purses and wallets

73.   Extra accessories that are never worn

74.   Glasses that no longer fit your prescription



75.   Old loofahs

76.   Old and expired makeup

77.   Expired sunscreen

78.   Unused makeup

79.   Dull razors

80.   Old toothbrushes

81.   Old  and dried or goopy nail polish bottles

82.   Half or never-used hair and skin products

83.   Hair tools that are never used like hairdryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc

84.   Extra travel size toiletries

85.   Expired medication or empty medication bottles

86.   Old, gross makeup brushes

87.   Old and damaged towels

88.   Sample perfumes, skincare or makeup products you never use




89.   Extra storage bins and containers you’re not using

90.   Apps on your phone you never used

91.   Baby items your kid has grown out of

92.   Old maps

93.   Instruction manuals for appliances you no longer have

94.   Duplicate photos or videos

95.   Keys that you have no idea where they’re from

96.   Old Christmas cards

97.   Expired pet food

98.   Old pet toys

99.   Gifts you bought but never gave & don’t intend to give anymore

100.   Old awards and high school mementos you don’t want

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