4 Simple Ways to End Your Year Strong

November starts the time of year where we get distracted. We're distracted by family, friends, events, buying gifts and so many other fun happenings. Not sure about anyone else but I really start to feel overwhelmed this time of year. 

It's easy to let projects and goals we've been working towards all year fall by the wayside once we start to feel overwhelmed. Despite feeling stressed and overwhelmed you can still finish 2021 strong! Here are some steps to help.

Stop, step back and asses
First things first, stop then take a couple deep breathes and relax!! Nothing will get accomplished with all that stress. 

One thing that happens when I get overwhelmed is I don't do anything. A lot of the time I shut down and don't do anything. Usually this does the complete opposite, I feel more overwhelmed and then guilty because I didn't do anything. 

So instead take the time to step back and really asses where you are at with your projects and goals. Are you working on improving your finances? Maybe it's time to look at your budgets and talk to your spouse. Working on a side hustle? Look at where it's at and what your goals for the rest of the year are. 

Reset and set goals 
You might be working on goals but it's a good time to check on them and see if they need to be reset. I always try to reevaluate my goals several times while working on them. Goals should be fluid things not set in stone. 

It might feel like there is no time before the end of the year but we have over a month left! Set a few goals to complete before the new year. 

Keep track of your progress
Sometimes we  get so bogged down in everything we didn't do that we don't realize how much we've actually accomplished! Keep your eye on your progress. Let it motivate you. 

Did you achieve a new level for your business? Maybe you had 10,000 views on your last blog post (I can dream right?!) or maybe you paid off a debt. Keep track of those achievements. Don't forget to celebrate what you've accomplished too!

Know your limitations
I have a to do and goal lists that are a mile long. Even though I want to get so many accomplished I know that I have limitations. There is a lot happening this time of year and I have to be realistic with how much I can actually accomplish. 

Don't feel like you have to do absolutely everything. It's ok to say no. Even if it's to yourself. Find your focus and know your limitations. 

The year isn't over! Don't feel like you can't get what you want done. Take a step back, breathe and move forward. 

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