7 Ways to Clean Up Your Finances

If you're not using it lose it
Do a check through all of your subscriptions and monthly costs to see if there is anything you can dump. If you're not using it there is no point to paying for it. 

We've been debating about getting rid of one of our streaming services since we probably don't need both Netflix and Amazon. What are some that you don't use? Maybe a gym membership or subscription box? Double check!

Purge old paperwork
It's a great time to look through your old paperwork to see if you can get rid of anything. Not sure how long to keep certain records check out this post for a little advice. A better step is once you've purged your physical papers sign up for electronic bills so you're not creating physical clutter in the future. 

Reevaluate your budget
I'm a big fan of reevaluating your budget every month but sometimes that can be tough. It's good to take time a couple times a year to really reevaluate. 

Maybe you've paid off a debt or two and now there are more funds to apply to other areas of life. Maybe you are working to save for a house or a huge trip and need to work on big cuts. Make the changes as you need to.

Reevaluate your financial goals
Goals are meant to be something active. If you have a goal that doesn't apply to your life anymore it makes no sense trying to work towards it. You should set a new goal. Same thing applies to your financial goals. 

Part way through the month or year if your life has changed and you need to rework the goal do it! Life happens and you should be sure to set your financial goals accordingly. Also be sure you're on track for those goals. No sense making a goal if you don't intend to work towards it. 

Review policies and important documents
This is one area we haven't been as good about in the past. Check to make sure all of the information is correct and up to date. Have there been any large life changes like a baby or a marriage? Make sure to update that information. 

We had a friend recommend we review our insurance policies to see if we're getting the best rates and coverage too. We haven't done it yet but this is good advice too. You could be going along with a rate that's twice as high as it could be for years. 

Put bills and savings on autopilot
Your finances are important but it can still be a pain to have to take care of them each and every month. Putting things like your savings on autopilot can really help you to keep focus on your financial goals.

Bills are another story and with so many it can be easy to forget to pay one. Then you're behind and that can cost you more money in late fees or potential overdraft fees. Automate it so you don't have to worry about it. 

Adjust after taxes 
Taxes are a pain. No one wants to pay taxes but no one wants to owe even more taxes come April. The goal should be to get as close to $0 owed to Uncle Sam. If you got a big refund or owed a big chunk it's time to reevaluate how much your withholding. 

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