8 Unexpected Items You Should Replace Regularly

When the new year arrives I always feel like I want everything to be new. I also feel like I want everything our house to feel new and clean. Do you feel this way when the new year hits too? I can't be the only one!

Lots of times I'll go through the kitchen and toss out any items that are expired, a mini purge. While I'm very good about items with an expiration date there are a lot of items in our home that I don't think to replace. Some of these items I'm surprised at how often you actually need to replace them. 

8 Unexpected Items You Should Replace Regularly by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Here is my list of 9 items you don't replace as often as you should and probably should toss right now!

We sleep on them every night of our life. Can you imagine how much micro grossness has accumulated on them!? They should be replaced about every two years. 

Bath mats
This is one item I don't think about replacing until it's probably torn to shreds. It makes sense though since your bathroom humidity and temperature changes so often with showering bathmats can attract all sorts of gunk. Plus you step on them all the time too! These should also be replaced about every two years. 

Toilet brush
This one is going to come as a complete shock to everyone. Toilet brushes should be replaced about every 6-9 months. I can tell you that we've now moved ours twice so ours is way past it's expiration date! I mean think about it, the brush is cleaning your toilet that's pretty gross. 

I never would think to replace towels until they are completely ragged but as something that's used to clean up your dirty body and other dirty things it makes a lot of sense. I've seen recommendations of every three years to replace your regularly used towels. Good thing we're looking for new ones right now!

Finding a hairbrush you like is so difficult that when you do you keep hold of it much longer than you should. I've read that cleaning them regularly can prolong its life but in the end you should make sure to replace them regularly about every two years. 

When it comes to razors I'd be willing to bet money that none of us replace them after the recommended amount of 5-7 shaves! Using a dull razor can result in more cuts as well as not performing their best leaving you with a bad shave. 

Like pillows it makes sense since we're lying on them for 6-8 hours a night every night that they should be replaced on the regular. I've seen most recommending every 2-3 years. I'll have to break it to my mom who still has sheets that are probably as old as I am! 

Bras should only be worn until they start to loose their elasticity which can be as short as 6 months if you're wearing the bra regularly. To make your bras last longer make sure to rotate them regularly. If the wire is poking out or something is ripped it's definitely time to replace them!

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