7 Things to Do at the Beginning of Every Month

7 Things to Do at the Beginning of Every Month by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

The beginning of the month seems to be arriving at lightening speed this year. It can be really easy to let the months meld into each other and not have yourself together for the next month. 

It's good to use the month end to tie up the loose ends of the previous month and put yourself together for a successful new month. Heading into a new month stressed out and unorganized can really mess with the rest of your month. 

Here are 7 things I do to set myself up for a productive, as smooth as possible and enjoyable month. 

Look at the budget
Every month we should all be looking over our budgets for the new month. While some things on our budget are the same each month we should make sure that the items that are irregular reflect it. Like this time of year we need to make sure our "gifts" line item is reflecting of what we need to budget. Keeping your budget every month is the best way to set your finances up well for the month and the year. 

Clean your refrigerator 
Each week Kevin and I do a quick check to see if any leftover or perishable food needs to be tossed before we put out the garbage. Sometimes there are items that get tucked in the back of the fridge that we miss. In addition to a good clean out I always like to look at all of the jarred items and condiments that we've got tucked everywhere to see if they're expired or have gotten a little fuzzy. 

Set some medium sized goals
It can be tough to get through those large year long goals and sometimes a week isn't enough. Setting monthly goals can be really important for breaking those large goals into more manageable pieces. One of our goals this next month is to not spend any of our allotted fun money. This not only helps for the month but helps our finances for the year.

Clean out your purse
For a long time I would just let things accumulate in my purse, including dirt! It would be a huge chore and I could never find items I needed. Now that I regularly dump out everything and sort through it my purse is much more organized. I make sure that all I keep in my purse is what I need. Since then I don't loose items and my purse is much cleaner. 

Pay your bills
Paying your bills at the beginning of the month sets you up for a clean slate. I know that sometimes you don't have a choice when certain bills are paid but if you can schedule them for the beginning of the month. It's also easier to pay at the beginning of the month because most of us have more money at the beginning of the month. You're getting those important bills taken care of when you've got more money. 

Set up your schedule 
When Kevin and I look at our budget we take time to look at our schedule for the month as well. Finding those events that might need to be included in the budget is a good thing but being on the same page with your schedule for the month is important as well. Take time to put in events you know are going to be happening, like a Zoom call with family on the weekend or making sure your doctor's appointment is in the calendar. 

Deep clean
This one tends to be a more aspirational one for us most months. The months that we do a deep cleaning to start off the month it makes everything feel practically brand new and I can tell a difference in my attitude towards the month. 

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