How to Identify and Fix Time-wasting Habits

The past few years I've felt like the entire world, including myself, have gotten sucked into some bad time-wasting habits. The term binge has been applied to everything from TV to scrolling through Twitter and Pinterest to just spending way too much time on not important things. 

We spend tons of our precious time on these time wasters  It's become so ingrained that we don't realize it and still think that we have no free time for anything. Can you imagine if you used your scrolling or mindless TV time for something like actually accomplishing your goals? Yeah it would be amazing and you'd be unstoppable!

This has been a goal of mine this year, to work on identifying those time wasters and working to fix them. There has been some progress and there has definitely been set backs. It has been a an interesting twist with staying at home much more this year due to the pandemic but I've learned some important lessons along the way. 

Identify the time wasters
You can't fix something if you don't realize what it is you need to fix. I need to have some sort of background noise going on when I'm doing anything. Even before the pandemic I found myself watching hours of TV or movies and I'm not just exaggerating. It was bad. The worst part is I knew it was bad but was just letting the bad habit continue. 

So you have to ask yourself especially when it comes to time wasters like TV or just mindless scrolling do you want to life your life or just watch someone else life theirs? Pretty sure I'd prefer to live my own life!

What is your big time wasting habit? Maybe it's online shopping or always checking Twitter. If you're having trouble figuring out talk with the people in your life, I'll bet they could tell you. 

Make a schedule
The easiest way to avoid time wasting is to give your time a job. This doesn't always have to be something goal oriented it can be something like spend an hour playing with your kids or spend an hour talking with your best friend. 

You have to make the choice of what you want to focus on. You have to make a conscious decision that you do not want to waste your day on meaningless things that in reality make you unhappy and that stop you from progressing and enjoying life.

Make a list of goals
This is something I think my life has been lacking lately which has added to the increase in time wasting. I have felt like I have been in this weird limbo/funk the past year or so and the pandemic has not helped at all. 

We were working hard for me to get a different job and then to get a home but since achieving both of those have yet to focus on what those larger goals in our life should be. Don't get me wrong I'm still working on smaller goals like my 101 list but it's not the same as feeling like Kevin and I are working towards these larger life goals. 

Make a list of priorities
This might seem like the same thing as a goals list but they're definitely different! Think about in 5 years do you want to look back and remember how many episodes of the Real Housewives you've watched or do you want to remember you spend every moment with your family or working to build your business. 

Yeah I figured you'd say something along the lines of the second one. You would much rather spend your time on things that matter! I've been realizing this year that I want working on family history to be something I spend my time on. It needs to become a priority for me and not just something I do every now and then. 

Time wasting has become so second nature for us that it's not even considered a bad thing anymore. It's just part of how life is. Don't let your precious time go to waste!

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