Decorating with Photowall

***I received this product for free and to review but all opinions are my own. 

A year and a half into owning a home again and I'm starting to feel like we're getting more settled down. We have finally been able to think through decorative touches that we want to add to our home. One space that made me very frustrated was one of the walls in our bedroom. That's where Photowall came to our rescue. 

We have cathedral ceilings in our master bedroom so two of the walls are huge spaces. The bed side has our headboard to break up the space but the opposite wall was just this huge, white expanse and I didn't know what to do with it. 

Photowall has several options that are great for larger spaces. We had originally planned on getting a wallpaper or wall mural through Photowall. We thought it would be a great way to maximize the large space. You can see they have thousands of different image options from beautiful landscape scenes to maps and skylines to crazy ones like a Victorian Yoda

I knew from the get go that I wanted to put a large Chicago skyline in the space. With the horizontalness of the space it was perfect. Photowall came through with over 30 options relating to Chicago. As you can see we ultimately went with the Chicago Illinois Skyline in blue. There were several other contenders but those will be for another project I think!

When we started to measure and figure out the size of the wallpaper needed for the space we realized that it wouldn't work for the space because of the size and where the cathedral part of the ceiling started. No worries though because not only does Photowall do amazing murals and wallpapers you can actually get most of the same prints as canvases and the size can go quite large. 

We ended up going with the largest size canvas we could get, 59x39 inches! I was definitely excited for it to come in the mail and not sure how the delivery guy was going to handle the huge package without damaging the canvas. One thing I didn't realize was that it came in pieces and you put it together. Once I learned that was the case I was much less worried!

Putting the canvas together was mostly a breeze. We followed the directions and measured everything several times before sticking the wood pieces on the canvas. When it came time to bolt the corners together we couldn't get some together at first. Soon we realized that we had to apply some pressure to the frame because the canvas needed to be tight on the frame. After that it was smooth sailing!

Voila! A beautiful canvas piece that is perfect in the space. While the canvas was waiting in the hallway we discovered that this size would work perfectly in the space too. Looks like we'll have to add that to our list! Maybe this time we'll use our own photo and create a special canvas of our own special moments. 

Photowall is even giving my readers a discount for the next month! 25% with this code "museumfanatic2021" now is the perfect time to give your home a little update in the decor department.

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