8 Tips to Help You Create New Habits

A habit is repeated behavior that you do regularly without thinking about it. I am one who lets bad habits quickly take over and can be slow to make good habits. Breaking bad habits take a lot of time but making the new ones can be just as hard. 

I've been working the past two months to instill good habits in my regular routine. It's been difficult and I've had some set backs but when I follow these 8 tips it's easier to create those new habits. 

One habit at a time
Focusing on one new habit at a time will allow you to focus your will power on one thing. This will help you not stretch yourself too thin and make sure that new habit sticks.

Don't wait
Most of us want things to be perfect and we're always waiting for that perfect moment to start things. Don't wait! Start working on that new habit today not tomorrow. There is no better time than today.

Commit for 30 days
It takes time to make a new habit automatic so committing for at least 30 days will help when implementing it.   

Break it up into small bits
Don't feel like you need to tackle a huge habit all at once. This can set you up for failure. Break up the new habit into smaller, manageable pieces. 

Keep yourself accountable
Whether you're able to keep yourself accountable on your own with a tracker or you need a buddy to keep yourself accountable find what works best for you and do it. 

Revisit part way through
Like any project you should always take a step back and look at your progress part way through. This is the time to see what's been working and what should be changed. Do you need to be more intense or ease back. Take time to really look at your progress. 

Be patient
It might take more than 30 days or it might take several times to create a new habit. Don't beat yourself up if it takes longer than planned or there are set backs. 

Reward yourself
You've been working hard! Don't forget to reward your progress along the way and success. Using rewards along the way can be a helpful tool to creating the habit as well. 

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