5 Simple Ways to Be More Positive

Since the pandemic started I've found that it's been tougher for me to feel positive. There is so much happening with COVID-19 itself much less thinking about all the other things like not being able to see family, potential layoffs, the massive change to life and so much more.

I feel like I can be an odd duck when it comes to positivity, I can be that way for other but don't do so well for myself. Being positive is tough for a lot of us. It's like a muscle and we need to make sure that we work that muscle.

5 Simple Ways to Be More Positive by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #Improving

Be grateful and express gratuity
It's amazing what acknowledging all that we have to be grateful for can do for your positive outlook. One of the hardest parts of the pandemic was not being able to see our close family like we normally do. I had to step back and say you know what I might not be able to see them in person but we can still video call each other. Not everyone has that opportunity.

Next time you're in a situation where you're feeling anything but positive take a step back from the situation and ask yourself if there is any part of it that you can feel grateful for.

You are who you hang with
A few years ago I read in an article that you are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with. At the time I was dealing with a not so great boss who acted in a negative manner all the time. Part of my lack of positivity was from the fact that I had a bad boss but I realized that because I spent so much of my time (40 hours a week is a lot people!) with this person I was starting to act like them.

Surround yourself with positive people in your life and you will begin to be more positive. Being positive is contagious so make sure you have the opportunity to catch it.

Find your positive music
We all have that music that as soon as it comes on our playlist we start to smile then our toes start tapping. Before you realize it you're dancing around the kitchen. You might not realize exactly what song it is right this moment but take some time to figure it out. Mine tends to be 90s and 00s pop. Who can't be happy listening to Britney?

Have a positive morning routine
How we start our day reflects how the day ends up. One thing that we've added to our routine is Kevin wakes me up instead of setting a second alarm. It's much nicer to wake up to him saying good morning my love instead of the alarm. Maybe you're someone who can wake up to music. Try setting an uplifting song instead of the alarm.

Making a good, healthy breakfast starts your day off on a positive foot as well. As much as we love our Captain Crunch if you eat it every morning you're going to be feeling blah. Maybe take some time for meditation and quiet time or don't touch your phone until right before you leave. Test out some of these different things and then adding them to your routine will increase your positive outlook on the day.

Do something positive for someone else
If you're finding it hard to be positive try doing something positive for someone else. Is there something you could do to help out and make things less stressful for the people in your daily life? When I'm having one of those stressful moments Kevin will see what he can do to help me feel less stressed. Like if I'm trying to get a couple packages to the post office and can't find something he'll say just sit down, relax and I'll find it.

That one little moment of finding the lost item will completely change my perspective. He usually says helping me feel more positive makes his day more positive. Can you do something like that for someone? Maybe something bigger like volunteering in a positive way will help your positive meter out of the negative.

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