6 Tips for Tackling Anxiety

About a year into my previous job things got so stressful with my boss at the time that my anxiety shot through the roof. My stomach was a mess I could barely eat for a week, I was crying every day about going in to work and I had to visit the doctors office several times in a week to figure out what was happening.

Since that week I've come to realize what my signs of the anxiety are and have worked to develop techniques for tackling the anxiousness before it becomes that big of an issue again. Here are 6 things that I do to prevent and stop anxiety. 

Stop & name it
When you first start to feel overwhelming stress or anxiety just stopping and trying to name what is causing the stress can be just the thing to stop it. Even if you're further in to feeling anxious this can help bring you back down. Kevin has discovered that helping me pick out specific stresses helps to calm me down. If you don't have someone with you talk to yourself.

Meditation/Self Hypnosis
This is a technique my mom recommended for me during that first huge anxiety time. She had used meditation/self hypnosis cassette tapes for years to help relaxed when stressed. I found that YouTube was a wealth of these types of videos. There was one video in particular that I used every morning as soon as I woke up. I helped me to relax my entire body, which for someone who carries their anxiety in their stomach that made a huge difference. Even if you just need some relaxation mediation can be just the ticket.  

Calming smells can bring on relaxation when you're feeling stress. I always knew lavender was a good thing to have around when you need to feel calm but until a few years ago I wasn't using it regularly. Stephanie turned me on to what she uses before bed, Essence of Vali's Sleep. I use a drop or two on my pillow before I go to bed. It helps to relax me while I'm reading before we go to sleep. 

Calming sounds
I'm always a big fan of using music to help with certain emotions. Bringing calm by way of music is also a natural way to relax and help with anxiety. Not sure where to start check out your library for CDs or Pandora for a soothing music channel. When you're trying to relax or meditate having the soothing sound playing can help calm your nerves. 

Have a warm drink
Ever noticed when you have that fresh cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate when you take those first few sips and feel the warmth spread through your body. You can feel the relaxation coming with the warmth.  

Deep breaths
Probably one of the most important things to do to reduce anxiety is deep breathes. While you're doing all of these things make sure you're taking deep breathes. I find when I'm having an anxiety moment if I stop and focus on deep breathes it breaks up the tense anxious feeling. It makes me stop and name the stresses too. 

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