Why You Should Ditch Perfection

For the past year I've been really frustrated with my blog. I've been blogging since 2012. I've worked hard on posts and attempted different things with social media. There have been many ideas and topics I've wanted to write about and share but just haven't yet. I was waiting for the right time, for my followers to be more, for the perfect way to say things. 

I realized that my wanting everything to be perfect has been holding me back and making me really frustrated with blogging. It took a while to realize this is why I was getting frustrated but I've realized that perfectionism isn't something I should be beholden to. Perfectionism is always just a reminder that something isn't good enough or when you to try and fall just short of perfect there was no point in trying at all. 

Perfectionism can lead to burnout, frustration and depression. It can hold you back when you tell yourself why bother trying since it won't be perfect. 

Ditching perfectionism is tough but there are many strategies and thoughts you need to keep in mind when ditching it.

Perfectionism isn't real

Kevin likes to joke about my being so efficient and perfect. I always have to remind him that none of us are perfect. We all error and make mistakes. If we didn't everything would be impossible. 

Just start

There are so many things, from blog posts to businesses, that we never start because we're so afraid it won't be perfect. Don't let perfectionism rob you of those opportunities.

It can hurt relationships

Always expecting the people in your life to be perfect can harm them and your relationship with them. By expecting perfection you start to be controlling. No one wants or should be controlled like that. 

Good is just as good

There is a great saying "perfect is the enemy of good". By always attempting to be perfect there is a bigger chance that you'll do a bad job than by just going for a good job. This is something I've worked to wrap my head around when it comes to this blog. I don't have to write a perfect blog post I need to write good posts. 

Raise your stress

Being a perfection can raise your stress levels like crazy. You're so focused on making everything perfect you don't even enjoy what's happening.

Comparison is the thief of joy

This is another area I struggle with perfection. I'm always looking and comparing the little bit that I can see of what's happening in other people's lives and blogs. Instead you and I should be focusing on our own work, enjoying it and making it good. 

Progress is better than perfect

There are so many ideas that never get started because people wait for the perfect time or to be in the perfect mood or to be perfectly thought through. I've had several ideas in my head for an Etsy store for YEARS but haven't actually started because I want perfection. Definitely need to just start making progress instead of waiting for my perfect moment. 

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