5 Free Genealogy Websites You Should Be Using

Starting your family history geneaology projects can get pricey really quickly. You can subscribe to many different websites, purchase different tools and products to help you preserve the physical items and get different programs to help you organize. Don't let it get you down. There are a ton of different resources that are completely free that you can use to research your family history. This is my top 5 list that every beginner and expert needs in their arsenal. 

One thing to keep in mind with all of these websites is that they're volunteer run. Many of them rely on people updating and adding information. So if you're working on a project and they help you out be sure to pay it forward and add some information to help the next researcher. 

5 Free Genealogy Websites You Should Be Using by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #genealogy #FamilyHistory


FamilySearch is the big grand daddy of free genealogy resources. Use this site to search for your family members, you can search by name, place and record type. Don't skip over searching through their images. You'll discover treasures like scanned local census and military records. A hidden feature is the FamilySearch Research Wiki. This is especially helpful if you're needing to do international genealogy research. The FamilySearch Research Wiki gives you suggestions, research ideas and strategies for researching in probably almost every country in the world. 

Find A Grave

My second favorite free resource without a doubt is Find A Grave. I actually use it regularly to complete research at work! This site helps you with what exactly it sounds like, you're able to search through cemeteries and find graves. Say you don't know a relative's proper name but know the cemetery you can browse through the cemetery that way or search for the exact name. In many cases you'll find information added to the person's listing sometimes linking to an obituary. 

Cyndi's List

I love lists. It's just a fact of life. Cyndi's List is a list of lists. It's fantastic. It helps you connect to different resources that are out there. Say I'm doing family research and wanted to look into our Lutheran history more. Cyndi's List has a Lutheran section that will point you towards records, newspapers, and even specific archives and museums to name just a few. If you're stuck on a specific topic or location Cyndi's List can help you find new resources to check out. 


The strength of USGenWeb is that it helps you with your state and county research. Each site is run by volunteers and if you need to you're able to connect with them directly for help. I know for my research the Illinois page has been a great resource for great maps and county level information. Check out what great resources they have on your state page. 


You'll find something unique through RootsWeb. They have hundreds if not thousands of message boards and mailing lists connected to surnames, states, countries and other topics. This will help you connect with other researchers with questions and information. Their research Wiki is another great resource to help you research better. You'll find helpful how to articles and information about sources.  

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