Reasons You Need a Will

On our quest to up our adulting game we are working to make sure that we have important papers like a will. A lot of people don't even think about having a will. They don't realize that even if it's just you there are really important reasons to make sure that you have one. There are lots of great online resources if you can't afford to hire a lawyer to make one for you. Do you already have a will?

You decide what happens to your assets
If you pass away without a will there is a good chance that your wishes for your estate won't be followed. So if you have a lot of family who might fight over everything or you want everything to go to the care of your dog make sure you have a legal document aka a will that spells it all out.

You decide what happens to your minor children
While we all hope that nothing will happen to us while our children are little there is always a possibility. Who wants to leave their future caretakers up to chance? That's what can happen if you don't specify this is in a will. The court could assign a family member or even appoint someone outside of your family.

You can keep people away from your money and stuff
Don't want your brother who has no idea how to handle finances getting the money you worked hard to earn and save? Put it in the will! If you don't want certain individuals to receive part of your estate then you'll want to make sure that is written in the will.  

To spell out your charitable giving
I feel like this is a Hallmark movie plot. Old man passes away and donates everything to charity but evil nephew tries to stop it. If you want specific assets or money to go to charity you need to spell that out in your will. Planned giving is yours and your favorite charity's best friend.

None of us are making it out alive
Death is literally the only thing you can count on in life. Whether it's next week or 80 years from now, none of us is making it out of this life alive. Having a will makes it so you can sleep easily at night knowing that your life, your family and your future is decided on and you won't leave a big mess for your family to take care of.

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