5 Simple Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is a pain in the butt. Most of us hate doing it and come up with so many excuses not to do it. I know right now our schedules are more open then they usually are but it can be tough to fit cleaning in to our lives. Especially when we find it so tedious.

Now that we have a much bigger home it's even more difficult to keep everything clean. I'm trying to instill better cleaning habits with the two of us. Here's XX tips I've discovered that help keep things simple when it comes to cleaning.

Make a schedule 
Kevin and I have been talking about having a cleaning schedule for waaaay too long now. Since going into stay at home we've put certain larger cleaning tasks like cleaning the bathroom in our calendars. Putting it into the calendar helps make time in our schedule for the various tasks. 

We haven't taken the time to schedule out all the different tasks every week. That's our next goal. It's a well known fact when you schedule out time for something and make it important it's much more likely to get accomplished. Do you have a cleaning schedule already in place? What are you biggest schedule tips?

Always make your bed
When I was in college I read somewhere, probably in a magazine, that if you do one thing to keep your home clean always make your bed. It's amazing how that one little thing can make the room either feel much cleaner or much messier. Plus it's probably the simplest and quickest cleaning you can do in the entire house. Unless you have like 20 throw pillows then you probably need to work on getting rid of some pillows.

Clean small things as you go
One thing that we all tend to accumulate are those small things. Like the couple of coupons you took out of your purse and left in the living room or the hair tie you left on the kitchen table, the list goes on and on. I've always been a big fan of cleaning up those little things as I go. Meaning if I'm getting up and going into another room I take two seconds to take care of any little item that might have ended up in the wrong space. Plus I'm getting a few extra steps too which right now working from the couch is much needed!

Get rid of stuff
If it's not in your house you don't have to clean it! Pretty simple right? While we haven't purged as much in our life as some people have there is way less in our house. It has made a crazy big difference in our house that's for sure.

Do a little bit each day
Thinking about how much of your home you have to clean all at once can be incredibly overwhelming. Sometimes it can be so much that you can't even do anything. There is an old saying "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Breaking down the cleaning and doing a little bit each day is a good way to break down those overwhelming cleaning tasks.

When you give yourself a set time like half an hour or even just 10 minutes it's easier to focus on those tasks at hand. You can take that time and just clean, clean, clean then you're done for the day if you need to be. Nothing like a deadline to keep you focused!

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