Chicago Food Hacks

For a long time people didn't think of Chicago as a foodie town but we've really become one of if not the best food city in the United States. I mean come on we're the home of such amazing foods like brownies and the pizza puff. There are lots of food choices to pick from here in the Chicago area so it can be quite overwhelming. I've got some hacks for you to make the most out of your delicious Chicago visit.

Chicago Food Hacks by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Chicago pizza is more than just deep dish
Yes we know that our deep dish pizza is super iconic. Frankly most of us tend to not eat deep dish that often. Locals will enjoy a Chicago thin crust pizza more often. Our cracker thin, crunchy thin crust is a a beautiful thing. Check out my Guide to Chicago Pizza for some ideas to get you out of that deep dish rut.

Check out restaurants along the river and lake
The last several years Chicago has become known for our amazing rooftop bars and restaurants. While you can find some amazing views when you head to those restaurants I always recommend that people head a little lower for some great views. There aren't quite as many restaurants along the river and lake as rooftops but you'll find great food and a unique view that you can't go wrong with.

Head outside of the Loop
You'll find some great options inside the Loop but some of my favorite places aren't anywhere near the Loop! The West Loop is home to a crazy amount of high rated restaurants. You'll find the likes of Stephanie Izard's restaurant empire and other amazing places. Since a lot of my friends have lived in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhoods a lot of my favorites like Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba and The Galway Arms. Be sure to look at all your options before you visit.

Visit a food hall
Food halls have popped up all over Chicago. From Revival Food Hall to Eataly you'll find something that will satisfy your tastes. If you're looking to try a lot of different Chicago restaurants a food hall is the perfect place. You'll find Chicago institutions like Antique Taco, Smoque BBQ and The Fat Shallot along with tons of other options in one spot. That's just looking at Revival Food Hall! Try one or try them all.

Track down a food truck
Chicago is home to some great food trucks. From lobster rolls to perogies to cupcakes you can find a food truck that will satisfy any hunger you've got. It might take a bit of looking to find them but it will be worth it. My favorites are the Happy Lobster and Beavers Doughnuts.

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