7 Easy and Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Home

I've discovered that one of the downsides to owning your own home is that you want to make changes right away. Let's face it now that I can I want to update all the things right now! Even though both of us want to make updates to the house we are working hard to reduce expenses and stick to our budget with all the economic uncertainty happening. 

Even though we're sticking to our budget and cutting expenses there is no reason why we can't work on giving our home a fresh look. There are a number of things that you can do to change it up or update things on a budget. 

7 Easy and Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Home by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Paint an accent wall
I feel like if you own a home you automatically have a bunch of half filled paint cans stored somewhere. It's like a right of passage or something. Use some of the paint you already have to give a room a fun pop of color. Don't have a collection of half filled paint cans yet? Check with a friend or family nearby maybe they have a fantastic color they're never going to use again. If you want to go totally new pick a smaller wall that won't use so much paint and buy it. 

Use decor you already have
Take stock of all the little knicknacks, photo frames, vases and any other pieces of decor you have in your home. Then think about switching them from where they are now to somewhere else. Maybe you've got a larger wall hanging in your bedroom try it out in the living room or even a hallway. Maybe you're like us and you've got a bunch of items that are taking up valuable flat space but could be hung up. Make a massive gallery wall and showcase all the memories. 

Add some greenery
Besides the health benefits of having plants around having something green in your home can make it feel like spring year round. A packet of seeds and a couple planters is pretty budget friendly. Or maybe you have a mom like mine who has a green thumb and is always giving you plant clippings to cultivate. Have a black thumb? Fake greenery and flowers have come a long way in the recent years. Make yourself a fabulous arrangement and move it around your house every few weeks to liven up a new area of the house. 

Rearrange everything
The easiest way to make your house feel completely different is to rearrange things. Maybe you've got a living room or family room with several chairs and couches. Try them out in a different configuration! Live in something with less space? Look at pieces of furniture that are up against the wall and change their placement. 

When we purchased a new mattress for the guest/craft/Pampered Chef room earlier this year we tried out a couple different arrangements. As you can see from the two photos just rotating the bed alone totally changed how that part of the room felt. Give it a go and be sure to share those before and after photos with all of us. 

Do a deep clean
When spring time hit our deck looked a hot mess. All of a sudden there was sap all over, trees were dropping leaves, squirrels were digging in a planter and little spiders were making their presence known. I actually got upset because the deck looked terrible. After Kevin helped me calm down he ended up cleaning the deck and guess what? It looked brand new! It was amazing what an actual deep clean did to the space. When you're deep cleaning I highly recommend doing a thorough dusting. 

Get rid of things
I'm sure this surprises no one but taking things out of your house can really make a difference as well. Maybe you want to use the KonMari method and really do some stuff purging. Or maybe you just realize that it's time for the pile in the corner to be given to Goodwill. Plus if you get rid of some stuff there will be more room for your rearrange furniture!

Actually put things away
Alright this is confession time. I've realized that I'm a piler. I pile things all over the place. If there is a flat space I usually pile stuff. Now don't be alarmed it's not hoarder bad piles but it could really be put away instead of accumulating. I'm the worst with our couches, I'm working on breaking that habit. When I get my act together and actually put everything away the clean couches make the space look totally different. Not only do they look different the feeling is different. So try putting away stuff that's left out and let your lovely furniture and decor be the star it's meant to be!

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