Get Motivated When You Just Aren't

Anyone else struggling to get things done? The days feel like they're taking forever. You know you need to get certain things checked off your to do list but you just can't. You can't bring yourself to power through and keep that motivation up.

The past couple of years I've gotten into a motivation rut. I know it can be tough to keep it up especially when you have so many distractions all around. There are a few things you can do to keep up your motivation that I've learned while in my motivation rut. What are some things you do to keep your motivation up?

Get Motivated When You Just Aren't by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Baby steps
Going from zero to one hundred is only something a sports car can do. It's much tougher for us to do it. Even if a person thinks that they can it's easy to get overwhelmed and burn out quickly. Then you'll lose what little motivation you mustered up.

I like to add everything I can think of to my to do list no matter how small. Not only will I actually remember it when I write it down it will also get the motivation going. By starting with and tackling some small items off your list you get that awesome feeling accomplishment. Then you start thinking that you can do it all and your motivation is back.

Make a change
We all have routines. Sometimes being in a routine can really mess with our motivation. Have you just been sitting on the couch when you get home? Don't sit on the couch. Take your computer into a different room to work. Find yourself focused on your phone and wallowing? Turn off your phone for the weekend. Making a small or large change can really get your groove going.

Reward yourself
This fall I participated in the Get Organized Challenge to organize my scrapbook materials. One of the important aspects of the challenge is that you make a rewards system for accomplishing each weeks' challenge. It can be anything you want, I did rewards like a new top I had my eye on or some delicious ice cream from Oberweis. 

Knowing that I had the rewards coming once I finished the tasks really lit a fire under me. It's amazing what motivation you can find when there is some incentive. Even if it's a little incentive like once I write this entire blog post I can sit down and read a magazine. Know what reward would be a good motivator and use it to your advantage.

Enlist help
We all have those couple of people in our lives who kick our butts into action. Sometimes I need to ask Kevin to remind to me to work on something after work. He is always making sure he encourages me to get those things off my to do list.

Then there are the people who will give you crap until you get it done, in a loving way of course! They make sure they check in with you to see you're getting it done. These are the people who see through your excuses and call you on it. I think we need all the different types of people in our lives. It can be tough to go it alone. You can even find friends online that will keep you motivated! Love all the encouragement from the bloggers I've met throughout the years. Who do you have that keeps you motivated?

Make some goals
How can you have motivation if you're not even sure what you're working towards? Setting SMART goals will give you a clear vision on what you need to do and what you're working towards. Even if it's just your goal for the day of not sitting on the couch watching Hell's Kitchen until after dinner. Your goals don't have be these lofty, huge thing. They can be simple.

Just do it
When all else fails sometimes you just have to tell yourself to just freaking do it. A couple weekends ago I found myself just hanging out on the couch for a couple of hours not getting anything done. I was comfy and didn't want to do anything. There was nothing on the calendar and I had planned on getting some family history work done but I just couldn't find the motivation.

I finally had to tell myself that I just had to get off the couch and then just made myself turn off the TV. Just get stuff done. It was rough at first because I didn't have the motivation but after a couple minutes I found a groove and was rocking it.

That's really the most important thing when overcoming motivation issues. There is no secret you just need to stop limiting yourself and say just do it.

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