6 Things You Should do Before Moving in

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7 months into living in our new place and we're finally starting to feel more settled. Buying and moving into a space can be an overwhelming. There is so much think about and do throughout the entire process it's easy to do things out of order or to completely forget! We had some extra time before moving in so I was able to figure out some of the really important must not forget things that you should do before moving in. What do you think is something that's done better before you move in?

6 Things You Should do Before Moving in

Change the locks
If you gave keys to workers to work on the space or even if you moved right in change your locks! You don't know who could have made copies of that key. Save yourself some stress and change it right away. Safety is always something you should invest in. This is a great time to upgrade and do something like a keypad lock.

When we closed on the new place we knew painting before we actually moved in was the way to go. Since we were painting the entire thing ceilings included it was a big undertaking. It would have being insanely tough to try and paint it all after we had everything in the house.

Change flooring 
This is along the same vein as painting. If you can do it before you move in it will make your life so much easier. We didn't change all the flooring at once but we changed most of it. Even though we went with a place that would have moved all of our stuff to switch the flooring we didn't want to have to deal with that.

Clean it
You've just done a bunch of updates. Someone has moved out. There is going to be dust and crud all over the place. There is nothing like giving a space a nice deep clean. There is no better time than before you've moved yourself in either. You can get in those hard to reach places and spaces before you put a dresser there and don't move it for years.

Change your address
Don't get so bogged down in updates and the excitement of moving that you forget this one super important to do list item! You don't want to settling into your new home and realize that you're missing your bills or even more important your latest issue of Food Network magazine. Make sure to put in at the post office your forwarding address and inform friends and family of your new address.

Change & turn on utilities
It's not very fun when you're exhausted after a long day of moving it's starting to get dark out you go to switch on the lights. Then you realize that you never called the power company to turn them on in the first place! Yeah not so much fun. We didn't move in to our place for a month but the workers and Kevin's dad needed the electricity to work in the space. If you're transferring utilities like internet make sure you connect with them too and switch your billing address.

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