6 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

In this time of social media with everyone's best life being put out there for everyone to see it can be tough not to compare ourselves to others. I find myself doing it a lot. I share nice photos why didn't those people like mine? Or wow they're going on another vacation? Must be nice.

Comparing ourselves to others doesn't do us one lick of good. In fact it can make things worse since it will create self doubt and make you get down on yourself. Sometimes it can even spiral out of control and lead to depression or worse.

6 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Know that you're imperfect & be okay with it

Really I should say know that everyone is imperfect. None of us is perfect. That imperfection is what makes each of us unique and ourselves.

I’ve mentioned before that perfectionism is something I have always struggled with and it’s hindered a lot of opportunities. Nothing is ever going to be perfect and I’m learning to embrace it. I’m striving for progress, not perfection. Everyone has imperfections and it’s what makes you unique.

Appreciate what you have

There is so much that we have in life that sometimes it's easy to just focus on what you don't have. Yes there are some people who are having a hard go of it at the moment but I bet for most of us life is pretty good. Focus on the part of your glass that's half full. I bet you'll find pretty soon that you've actually got a pretty full glass!

Just stop

Sometimes you just need to quit something cold turkey. When you find yourself in the comparison spiral just tell yourself you're being ridiculous and to snap out of it. Stop looking at Instagram. Stop whatever it is you're doing and focus on something else. As I get older this technique works a lot.

Have the right tribe

This is another area that I realize is more and more important as I get older. Having the right support group is super important. They should be there making sure you don't forget how awesome you already are and don't need to compare yourself to others. Along with that they should also make sure you're growing and being better than you were before. You can't be amazing if you're just a bump on a log. We must always grow.

Be aware of your own awesomeness

We are all amazing. I read somewhere that there is something like a one in 14 trillion chance that we are who we are. Even if I'm off by a few trillion that's still pretty insane to think about. There is a reason you are the way you are so embrace yourself and your awesomeness!

Compete with yourself not others

A couple years ago my Pampered Chef director came up with a personal best sheet. We're supposed to keep track month to month of our personal best stats in different areas of our business. This was done because we shouldn't be competing against anyone else in our businesses. We should be focused on making sure we're looking to our own journey and what we can do better. This is the same thing with life. You should be focused on yourself and what you can do better not trying to best someone else.

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