6 Truths About Cleaning

Moving into a new home has led to completely having to rework how we clean. There is much more when it comes to floors, bathrooms, trim and just all around everything that needs to be cleaned regularly. No matter how much space you have or don't have there are definitely some evident truths about cleaning. 
6 Truths About Cleaning by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Your house never looks cleaner than when there is company coming over
We tend to pile things in our house. Kevin and I are getting better at it but there tends to be random things like piles of stuff from Kevin's pocket at the end of the day or a pile of papers I'm working on. While we're working on not piling things it's amazing how much cleaner our house gets when someone is coming over. Even when it's our parents. 

I feel like we should just have visitors over every single week then it would be great motivation to make sure everything is put away and clean all the time!

Cleaning is the perfect way to avoid doing something
Do you know how many times I've vacuumed to avoid writing a blog post? Probably several dozen times since I've started my blog. Doing your taxes? Oh that bathroom is looking like it needs a good scrubbing. 

It will never be totally clean
Well there are some people, like Stephanie, who somehow have everything miraculously organized and clean. The rest of us mere mortals have realized that really things will never be totally clean. We live in our homes and sometimes that means getting a little messy or even a little dirty. 

And it's ok if it's never really totally clean
It's very freeing to not feel like it has to be perfect. Give yourself a break! Maybe the kids came home and it's like a tornado went through the living room. That's ok! Don't get down on yourself. It's life happening and that's wonderful. Enjoy the time with the kids. Maybe it's your husband plopping a bunch of papers on the kitchen table. It's ok!

Cleaning is always better when listening to 90s music
It doesn't matter if it's 90s rock like the Foo Fighters or some fantastic 90s pop. Cleaning is just way better when done to 90s music. Fact of life. 

The more you try to clean the messier things can get
I wish this one wasn't true but alas sometimes it can be! The first couple of times I did the KonMari method the planning was not there. Ended up with a big mess of clothes still on the bed right before we turned in for the night. 

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