5 Tips to Overcome Your Procrastination

Procrastinating is one of my biggest bad habits. There are lots of times I let the distractions and excuses pile up and keep me from getting things accomplished.

Lots of us tend to be procrastinators. It's not so bad once and a while but if it keeps us from getting important things done it can be a very negative thing. I've pulled together some of the things I have been doing to overcome my procrastination. What are your tricks for overcoming procrastination.

5 Tips to Overcome Your Procrastination by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Get rid of distractions
With most people having at least three different screens in their homes from phones to the TV it's really easy to be distracted. Plus you add a kid, pet or other family member who is bugging you it can be next to impossible at times to not have something distract you.

I know getting lost online or in a show is one of my downfalls, one I'm actively working on! Taking away these distractions will really help your procrastination.

Make a list
I always say that one of the biggest lies I tell myself is that if  I don't write it down I'll remember. Keeping a to do list will help you not procrastinate and remember what's important that needs to be done.

I know a lot of people who prefer to write their list in order of priority. If that works for you definitely do it. I've always found that making myself an agenda is a great way to keep my procrastination in check. When I do a blog day I like to write myself an agenda that lays out how long I'm devoting to each area.

Eat the frog
Eating the frog means tackling the thing you're most dreading. Taking care of that huge or most annoying task first will set you up for success for the day. It gives you the sense of accomplishment along with getting that dreaded task out of the way.

Make a success environment
Do you find yourself slipping into episode after episode if you are working from the couch? Does the idea of working from the kitchen table have you reaching for your phone to check out Facebook? Figuring out what work space maximizes your productivity can be really important. It will allow you to focus and beat that procrastination!

Make a deadline for yourself
There is nothing like a deadline that gets us working! Some people are able to work without deadlines but lots of people really need one to keep their focus. There are some times when if you have a too far out deadline you procrastinate until the last moment. If you're one of those types of procrastinators break down your tasks and projects to have smaller deadlines. Then you won't be as likely to push it off until the very end.

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