5 Things I've Stopped Buying

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Simplifying our buying habits wasn't exactly on our list. When you start to hardcore budget and not bring so much stuff into your house it's a happy side effect though. There have been a number of items that we really have just stopped buying. It's been fantastic. I don't even miss some of these items cluttering up our home. Is there anything you've stopped buying recently? Or haven't bought in years?

I've always been a reader. Just ask my mom how many times I reached the check out limit on books when I was younger! It was 100 by the way. Growing up with a librarian mom we didn't buy books as much but since graduating college I found myself buying more on a regular basis. 

A few years ago I decided unless it was a book that I absolutely love and have read or will read over and over again that I wasn't going to buy it. I would make sure I could get it through the library or borrow it from someone. It's amazing what some libraries have in their collection. If it's a large system they have almost everything plus most libraries will request items through inter-library loan for you too. My new library will purchase a requested book if it fits within a few guidelines. I requested one for them to purchase a few weeks ago and it came in last week.

Paper napkins
Kevin and I got several sets of very nice cloth napkins early on in our marriage but we were never good at using them regularly. Which is funny since at my parents I can remember always using cloth napkins. It took him a little while to come around to using cloth napkins but now he's got the groove of it. 

I used to buy all sorts of make up. I'd buy extra items to get over for the freebies. I'd end up with all this extra make up that I thought I would use but never did. These days my day to day make up routine is super simple and I don't need many products. 

Not buying make up that just gets given away or tossed has been a great space saver as well as a great budget saver. I'm still working on my holy grail make up products but that's why I love Sephora and their samples. I can test it all out without breaking the bank. 

Scrapbook Supplies
This is one that might be a little specific to me but you could probably insert your hobby or something similar for this one. This fall while we were working our budget I went a little nuts with my fun money. 

Now I wasn't over budget but having that set amount really gave me the freedom to buy and I bought quite a bit of scrapbook supplies. I'm working on not buying any new supplies and working with the beautiful papers, washi tapes and stickers that I have. Scrapbook supplies are going to be on my do not buy list for quite a while. 

Gift wrap 
I haven't bought gift wrap or bags in years. My mom and Kevin's mom have stock piles of them, they've had huge stockpiles for years. I just raid theirs. Also I like to reuse wrapping elements like bags and the tissue in the bags. Most of the time those are still in great shape so there is no need to throw it out. 

If I were to actually get to the point where I needed to buy paper again I'd adapt Stephanie's wrapping plan. She sticks with a single color paper like brown. That way you can add a different color ribbon or even stamp the paper but it's still good for any holiday. I mean seriously think about it. It really does work for any occasion. Mind blown right? Genius.  

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