5 More Things You Should Clean Right Now

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Moving was a really interesting process. There were a lot of areas of our apartment that I thought we did a good job keeping clean. When we starting packing and moving furniture we definitely missed a few places during our regular cleaning! I've shared 5 things you should clean right now before and here are five more places you should check and probably clean immediately.

In-between drawers
As you can see from the photo there is a space between the drawer and the frame of our dressers. I’ve found that even though it’s a small space dust collects there on every single one of our dressers. It is very annoying since it’s such a small gap it’s tough to clean, especially the gap on the bottom side of the drawer. I didn't even think about those tiny spaces until we pulled out the drawers. I recommend checking even if you don't have drawers with spaces.

Tops of cabinets
Out of sight out of mind is what I think of when I think about the tops of cabinets. We put up a few decorations but then promptly forgot about actually cleaning up there. Who would have thought it could get so dirty up there too? I guess when you cook a lot in your kitchen it's only natural. Luckily in our new place we don't have to worry about the space above the cabinets but if you've got open space up there you should pull out your step stool and give it a good cleaning.

This is a somewhat unexpected one but an important one. I wear business casual at work and I never know what I might end up doing each day. Some days I’m at my desk all day but then some I don’t know it but I might end up on my feet or the ground for half the day. This results in my wearing of a certain couple of pairs of shoes most of the time. These are my more comfortable and sturdy shoes.

Meaning that my fancier heels tend to stay in the closet only to be brought out for special occasions. I found the other day that it’s clearly been a while since I’ve work those special occasion shoes since there was a layer of dust on the inside! Definitely an unexpected place that I am now adding to the cleaning list.

The side of your dryer
It's amazing how a little bit of lint can pile up over time. You might think you've gotten it all but let me tell you it's collecting behind and to the side of your dryer. If you've never looked in those cracks you might be in for a shock! It's pretty gross.

Tops of window trim
This is another out of sight out of mind area. I think when it's above our head we don't really think it needs to be cleaned. Now that we've got tons of windows it's pretty important to make sure dust doesn't collect on top of the window trim. Out of all the places to clean it's probably one of the easiest. Just take a Swiffer duster or cloth over it. Boom clean!

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