40 Easy Things to Declutter

One of the biggest problems I encountered when Kevin and I first wanted to get rid of excess stuff in our house was where to start. We looked around and were just overwhelmed. I've figured out like many things in life you really just need to start!

I've pulled together a list of 40 easy things to declutter and get rid of right away. The past year every now and then I'll look at the list and make sure I don't have any of these hanging around. What an easy item you always make sure to get out of your home?

40 Easy Things to Declutter by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

  1. Old pillows
  2. Half used make up
  3. Expired make up and toiletries
  4. Clothing with tears
  5. Expired food
  6. Extra plastic bags
  7. Extra glassware
  8. Half used candles
  9. Socks without mates
  10. Hangers from the dry cleaner
  11. Promotional cups
  12. Business cards you haven’t looked at twice
  13. Paint that you don’t have on your walls anymore
  14. Craft supplies you haven’t used and don’t plan on using
  15. Books you won't ever read
  16. Random extra puzzle and game pieces laying around
  17. Take out menus
  18. Holiday decorations you don’t ever put up
  19. Old useless paperwork
  20. Manuals
  21. Single earrings
  22. Old CDs
  23. Magazines
  24. Expired coupons
  25. Tights or nylons you don’t wear
  26. Outdated Electronics
  27. Dried up nail polish
  28. Extra make up brushes you don’t use
  29. Travel sized toiletries
  30. Paper recipes you’ve never tried
  31. Promotional t-shirts
  32. A million extra pens
  33. Old greeting cards
  34. Old loyalty cards
  35. Apps on your phone you don’t use
  36. Half used cleaning products
  37. Old medication
  38. Outdated jewelry
  39. Old electronic cables
  40. Clothes you don't ever wear
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