One Year Left in 101 in 1001 List 3

It's crazy enough to think that we're in 2020 but it's even more crazy to think that I've got one year left on my THIRD 101 list. It's been a little slow going the second part of 2019 with the list but I've really buckled down in December. I ended up crossing off three items in December. 

Kevin and I finally sat down and made our travel bucket list. We had started one earlier in 2019 but I couldn't find that document anywhere. So we ended up looking at Google Maps and just hopped around the map. There were lots more places in the U.S. that I want to visit as well as in Europe that are on top of my list. There were also some specific experiences like visiting Disney World for Christmas that we made sure were on the list. Now that we've got our list we can keep an eye out for deals. 

I crossed off a couple of the cooking related list items in December. It was time to make sure I roasted chestnuts. They turned out really well except I'm pretty sure I'm not a chestnut person, mom said they were great though! Kevin and I together made our version of Pizza Hut bread sticks. They were good bread sticks but not quite the same as the original ones. 

We picked out stockings for our new mantle! Since we've been living in smaller places before now we don't really have many inside decorations mostly wreathes for the different seasons. It was nice to get something for inside. The other task I checked off this past week was a big one. I finally finished organizing all of my flag corps photos! I had scanned them all when I was on my big scanning kick a couple of years ago but like the other 13,000 photos I didn't organize them before. Big mistake! I wanted to give all the scans to my bff Jackie as part of her Christmas gift this year (really I wanted to do it in 2017 haha) so I wanted to get it done!

I have a bunch that I'm in view of the finish line too. I haven't been able to find some of the books on my list in the library so Kevin ordered them cheap off Ebay for me. Kevin and I are working hard to do some of the tasks like get to Baby Step 3 and have our emergency fund totally funded and getting our taxes ready in February. Just to name a couple. How is your goal list going? Are you working on a 101 in 1001 List?

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