5 To-do List Mistakes You're Making

To do lists are one of my favorite things. I have notebooks and notepads all over the place. There are specific ones in my purse, one for my computer bag and every where else in the house. They are so handy when you're trying to organize and get everything in your life under control. Even if you're not planning on a super busy day it's beneficial to have a to do list for your day.

If you're going to take the time a write a to do list you should make sure you're doing it right. There are lots of things you can do to that instead of helping you maximize the impact your to do list can have it minimizes it or stresses you out.

Writing it at the wrong time

They say that timing is everything. This can definitely be applied to your to do list. I actually like to write mine the day before. Like my work to do list I'll spend the last few minutes of the day writing down things that I might have forgotten to do or need to make sure I do right away the next day. It helps me plan out the day.

Maybe you can't write it the night before but try to get it written as early as you're able to. That way you're able to maximize and plan your day.

Including the right tasks

Making sure you have the right type of tasks on a to do list is very important. You don't want to put on your daily to do list items that are some day items and are appropriate for your 101 in 1001 list. You're not going to be able to cross that of your list in a timely manner and it will be frustrating.

Those some day items should be their own list that you keep track of separately. I highly recommend breaking those some day tasks into manageable daily to dos. One of the 101 list items I'm working on is working through all my puzzles. The past couple of weeks I've been adding puzzle time to my to list several days a week. I don't say to do the entire puzzle in a day but spend 30 minutes on it.

Specific is best

Do not be vague! That's the quickest way to write a totally useless list. Besides the fact that you won't be able to focus on the important items you need to accomplish there is a good chance that you might not remember what exactly you were supposed to do! Think about it like you would your goals, make it smart!

Not being realistic

Know your limits whether it's how much you are actually able to get done in a day or what your calendar actually allows for that day. Thinking that you can get tons of major items done at home when you have to work and have something in the evening is probably unrealistic.

Not being flexible

Things can change throughout your day so there is no reason why your to do list shouldn't change with it. Sometimes I'll be crossing so much off the list that I will take time and write totally new one for the rest of the day. Be flexible it will allow you to change directions if needed and get more accomplished during your day. Don't let it derail you.

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