5 Simple Steps to Create an at Home Spa Night

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It's winter. It's cold out. Most of us don't want to go outside for anything. It's that time of year when you don't really tend to pamper yourself. We've lived in our place for six months and I haven't even taken time to use the Jacuzzi tub yet. I think winter is the perfect time of year to have yourself a wonderful at home spa night or two or three. I could spend an hour just relaxing in the tub when it's all set up for a lovely at home spa evening. Do you give yourself an at home spa night? What's your favorite way to pamper at home?

1. Create a Mood

One of the best parts of a visit to the spa is the ambiance. It's relaxing. There is soothing music playing. You just want to live there. Head to Pandora and find a spa channel. Put out some of your favorite candles and turn down the lights. Setting the right mood for your at home spa night is very simple and will make or break it.

2. Dress the part

It's not just something you see in the movies. The big fluffy robe is the quintessential part of a lovely spa experience. It's the perfect time to break out that robe your mom gave you two years ago for Christmas and finally use it. Don't have a robe? Break out your biggest fluffiest towel to use. Making sure you're in a comfy outfit that can maximize your relaxation is important.

3. Masks, masks, masks

From facial masks to under eye masks to foot peel masks we are living in the golden age of masks. For the perfect at home spa night make sure to pick up a few different ones. You might not be able to have a professional facial but these will make you feel amazing. Be sure to pamper yourself from head to toe to get the full spa experience.

4. Warm up

One way that a spa differentiates from home is that everything seems to be warm. The rooms are always toasty warm as well as the products they use. So be sure your bathroom is nice and toasty. Warm up your products like lotion before applying. Not only will it give you a spa experience it feels so much nicer when it's warm. Don't forget to take a warm bath or shower too!

5. Don't forget your nails

To take your at home spa night to the next level be sure to pamper both your finger nails and toe nails. Don't just slap some paint on your nails either. Show them some love. Give your cuticles some treatment and use a nail buffer to smooth out the nails before applying your polish.

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