11 Things You Should Clean More Often Than You Do

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With all of the stuff in our lives it can be tough to keep track of it much less make sure everything is clean. There are some items that slip through the cracks or you don't even realize that you should clean it as often as you should. Or maybe even at all!

A lot of the items on this list don't tend to look dirty so you don't always think to clean them. Just because they don't look dirty doesn't mean they aren't.

This is something that is used every day of your life. You sweat in it. There are probably other bodily fluids on it. How often do you actually clean it though?? I know I don't clean it hardly ever. Do you ever clean your mattress?

They go hand in hand with the mattress. We are great about cleaning our sheets but never think to clean our pillows. I read somewhere that you should also replace them every year and a half, two years at most.

Washer & Dryer
I always think of these as self cleaning since they're cleaning my clothes but really they're not. You should make sure and clean both a couple times a year. There are some great DIY at home tricks for cleaning up both your washer and dryer or you can get a cleaner from the store.

Remote Controls
These bad boys get touched by everyone, dropped on the floor and sometimes even sat on. They definitely could use a good cleaning more often. Kevin is actually pretty good at taking a disinfecting wipe to them once a month. Super simple.

Light switches 
Does anyone actually clean their light switches? We all put our hands on them multiple times a day and I'm sure there are all sorts of germs on them.

Trash can
This is one area we for sure clean regularly! Since we do a lot of cooking at home there tends to be some smelly items like garlic that end up in the trash bin. This usually results in a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning so it doesn't smell up the kitchen.

I'm sure a lot of us dump out and sort the contents on a regular basis but forget to take care of the bag itself. Vacuuming it out is a good start but actually cleaning it should be added to your cleaning schedule. Be sure to look into what the proper way to care for the different materials are.

I don't think I've ever actually cleaned out an oven. Whether it was when I was at my parents house or in our home I've never done it. Which probably means it needs to be cleaned out!

Notice a trend in this list? I think we really forget about our large appliances when it comes to cleaning. We think that because they clean other items that they clean themselves. Not true! Cleaning out the dishwasher can be super simple with new products out there or a great DIY cleaner.

There really isn't a way to clean a loofah. Really it should be replaced on a regular basis. Replacing it about every two months is a good schedule.

This is another item that you can't really clean but should replace on a regular basis. Tuck your toothbrush away when you're not using it. If you don't close the lid on your toilet when you flush supposedly microscopic droplets can fly up to 6 ft!! That means it's getting all over your toothbrush and everything else in your bathroom. Close the toilet lid.

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