Sending Cards with Paperless Post

This past year I conquered something I've been wanting to do for a few years. I was able to send a birthday and anniversary card to all my friends and family. You might think that this took an exorbitant amount of time and money but it was really simple. I had help from Paperless Post

A few years ago I discovered Paperless Post when a friend sent me a beautiful e-invite to a party she was hosting. I didn't realize at first that they had way more to offer than just lovely invitations. There are tons of different cards and invites from birthday to Christmas and even themes like charity fundraisers and retirements. You can even find animated ones now! We've been working to incorporate more green into our lives so this was a perfect option instead of mailing cards. 

It couldn't be easier to send your own cards with Paperless Post. First you need to make your own account. I took time right away to add people to the address book since I knew I was going to be sending out cards to a lot of people. That way I didn't have to waste time later searching. You can even connect it to your Gmail or other email or even upload it if you've got it in an Excel spreadsheet. They make it super simple!

There are tons of free options that you can use but there are also some great upgrades that are minimal cost wise. My favorite way to upgrade is to do a fancier envelope. If that's not your jam you can always do a cute liner or stamp. 

So next step is to figure out what you're sending a card for a pick it out! Kevin and I are thinking we'll send out last minute e-Christmas cards. There are almost 700 to choose from! Way more options than if we were to get them printed somewhere. So we picked out this one with the options for lots of cute photos of us. Then you can customize the background, envelope or liner if you so desire. 

The final steps for your card is the personal message and sending it. Or in my case with all of the anniversary and birthday cards this year, schedule ahead!! I ended up scheduling several years worth of cards all at once. It was easy to focus on one person and schedule three different cards for that person in a row. Just pick the date and time hit schedule. Boom! Your cards are ready to send! 

Paperless Post is a fun, beautiful and environmentally friendly way to send sentiments to your friends and family all year long. 

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