10 Ways to Get Your Steps In Each Day

I finally crossed off one of my harder 101 list items. I crossed off the "achieve my daily step goal three times a week for six months"! Getting your daily step goal in can be really difficult especially this time a year living in a colder place. There are some days where I had to get really creative and make sure that I hit my goal for the day. What sneaky ways do you get your steps in each day?

Talk & walk
This is one that actually drives Kevin bonkers. I always like to walk when we talk. Well I don't just walk I walk and pick up stuff around the house. He's gotten more into the habit of walking around the house and talking with me. If you're on the phone don't just stand or sit pace the house.

Park far away
Parking far away from the store has multiple perks. Besides getting all those extra steps in parking further away makes it much easier to get in and out of the lot. Trust me this time of year it's the only way to go.

Laundry one item at a time
I heard this tip from someone years ago in a Weight Watcher meeting. She said that instead of piling everything back into the basket and hauling it back to the bedroom she took care of it one piece at a time. She would fold it in the laundry room then walk that one piece back to the bedroom and put it away. If you've got some time this is a great way to get in steps.

Walk around the bus stop/subway/train stop
Are you a public transportation commuter? You probably have lots of time to kill while you wait for the next train or bus. You could use that time Facebook stalking someone from high school or use it to get steps in walking around the stop.

Watch & walk
Sometimes it's tough to stay away from that new episode of the Real Housewives right? Don't just plop down and watch. March in place or if you must sit get up and walk during the commercials. Take it up a notch and do some arm movements while you walk too.

Join the mall walkers
When the winter weather hits in the Chicago area you really don't want to be outside. Even if you're in a more tropical climate I'm sure it gets too hot to walk outside. Head to your local mall and join the steppers there. If you head there earlier in the morning you'll get plenty of steps in plus avoid the crowds.

Walking workout
If you're looking to get in more than just a few steps check out a walking specific workout. I'm a big fan of the OG walking workouts by Leslie Sansone. She's got a bunch of different ones from one mile to 5 and everything in between. There are a bunch of other great walking workouts out there. You can even find some on YouTube.

Use the thing furthest away
Need to use the rest room? Head to the one that's the furthest away. Need to get a tissue? Grab one from the far bedroom. Need to chat with a coworker two floors down? Walk over to them don't just call.

If you're standing you can walk
This goes along with walking and talking. If you're doing something where you're just standing around don't just stand there walk!

Always take steps
If you're able to always take the steps. Avoid the hassle of the elevator and escalator use those steps!

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