Thanksgiving Noodles

We all have our favorite holiday dishes. Some of us can't do without the stuffing or the sweet potatoes. Some favorites come in the form of dessert such as pumpkin or apple pie. For me my favorite holiday dish is something a little more on the unique side. It's what I call Thanksgiving noodles. These noodles are super simple and are a dish that I've grown up eating. I think my mom even grew up eating these too! 

When we make them for Thanksgiving mom will take the neck bone and make a broth while the turkey cooks throughout the day. The version I'm sharing is for those year round cravings. I make it with chicken broth but I'm guessing you could probably use vegetable or even beef. Never tried it with beef but I bet the flavor would be great. Another perk of this recipe is that you can make as much or as little plus the leftovers heat up really well. 

Thanksgiving Noodles

Fine egg noodles
Chicken broth
Diced onions & celery to taste

1. Put broth, onions and celery in pot to boil. 

2. Once broth is boiling add fine egg noodles

3. Cook until your desired done-ness. Drain extra broth. 

4. Enjoy!

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