7 Tips & Tricks to Drink More Water

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When the colder weather hits in the Chicago area it's really dry here. I find myself really needing to make sure that I stay hydrated both inside and out. Sometimes it can be tough to drink enough water throughout the day. I can find myself parched by the end of the day in the winter. There are some tips and tricks that make it much easier to get your ounces in throughout the day. Here are my tips for making sure you get enough water in each day.

Water bottles all over
For a long time I really made sure that I had one water bottle in my stash. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't being wasteful. Even though I was being budget and environmentally conscious there were tons of times that I really needed water with me but didn't have it. Plus at work I was using disposable cups which totally defeated the point! So since then I've expanded my water bottle stash to make sure I have a work water bottle, an at home one and one that could be used for on the go.

Add flavor
I know many people's excuse for not getting enough water is that they don't like the taste or hate that water has no taste. We are living in the golden age of water flavorings. From old school favorites like Crystal Light to the MIO drops. I've even seen ones that are orange Crush flavored and Arizona Arnold Palmers. There are plenty of ways to add flavor. You can even add fruit and cucumbers when you use a water bottle like the Pampered Chef Infusion Water Bottle.

Keep track
When you start working to increase your water intake it's good to keep track. Since we're supposed to be getting about 8 8 ounce glasses of water a day you want to make sure that you're actually getting at least that amount. Like almost everything there's an app for it. There are dozens that you can download that are specifically for tracking water. Lots will even give you a reminder. Usually I'll track it with my Fitbit app or with my WW app. Since I already do things in these apps it makes it easier. It's all about keeping it simple.

Choose sparkling or mineral water 
Sometimes I know I really just crave something with some bubbles. In the past I would reach for a pop. Now I reach for a sparkling water. Like flavorings for your water we're living in the golden age of sparkling waters. The number of different types has skyrocketed. I personally like Perrier flavors while Kevin is a LaCroix Lime person. Obviously regular water is best but sometimes you just need that extra pizzazz!

Keep it filled up
A water bottle doesn't do you any good if it's empty does it? Nope. None. So be sure throughout the day to make sure that your bottle is filled up. It's just that simple.

Try tea instead
This goes along with the flavoring. Tea might be a good option if you need a flavor to make water taste better. Be sure not to add any or too much extra things like milk or sugar. Don't want to add too many calories to your drink. Now you can find tons of different flavors of tea so there is no need to feel bored. Since you're really only flavoring the water you still get the benefits. Be sure to check if it's caffeine free if you have issues with it. 

Set reminders
One of the biggest lies I tell myself is that I'll remember things without writing it down. The same can be said for not giving myself a reminder. If you're just getting in to drinking more water like any new habit it can be tough to remember to do it regularly. Use whatever reminding system that works for you whether it's your calendar or a to do app or even your BFF. Just make sure to follow through when that reminder hits.

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