5 Things People Forget When Buying A Home

Now that we've been homeowners for a few months now we've been feeling a little more settled. There have also been a number of issues that we've discovered. A lot of these are the type of things where you don't know what you don't know. Although a few of these were things we could have fixed or changed if we had been aware of them before we bought. Here are five big things that we've noticed people forget when buying a home. 


We knew we wanted to live in a downtown suburban area and I wanted one that was on a train line. From the get go we knew that there would be train noise but we didn't think about other types of noise. Our new neighborhood has a lot of young kids right on our block so we've have a lot of kid noise since moving in. That was definitely a type of noise we didn't think about! There are all types of noise that you don't think about when you're only in a place for maybe an hour before you decide it's for you.


Most of the obvious appliances get checked when you're looking a new house but there are some that you tend to forget about. During our first look we didn't think to turn on the heater and check but then Kevin's dad suggested it during the second look. Since it was summer we didn't even think about it! Even though the heater was the newest appliance you should still check it out.


A lot of people think that associations are only something you need to worry about if you're in a condo. Well that is not the case. There are lots of neighborhoods that can have associations. They tend to be ones that have amenities like a pool or fitness area that all the residents are able to use. Townhomes are also good candidates for an association and the fees that go along with them. Always be aware of those extra monthly costs.

Inside of cabinets

This is one that we wish we had looked closer at. We knew we'd eventually redo the kitchen but on our looks before buying everything looked pretty good so we thought we'd be able to just repaint the cabinets. On a closer look we realized that there were lots of gashes and stains that won't come out along with braces and shelves that make certain cabinets difficult to use. I wish we would have realized those issues sooner so we could talk about it when it came to the price.


I feel like beyond the cursory yes there are enough spots for our cars most people don't think about the garage. We thought we measured ours properly but didn't realize until we got both cars in there that it's actually a 2 car garage not a 2.5. Which let me tell you makes things a little tighter since Kevin's car is a van! It's good to think through everything you'll be using the garage for just to make sure it's the space you need it to be.

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