15 Things I Quit Buying to Save Money

15 Things I Quit Buying to Save Money by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

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It's been a few years since Kevin and I have been working to get rid of excess stuff already in our lives. Since we've been very mindful of our budgeting we've been working to bring less stuff into our lives. It's pretty amazing but there have been a number of items that we've pretty much stopped buying that used to be regular spending areas. 

This is our list of items but it might not necessarily be your list so don't feel like this is an end all be all type of list. Your priorities and needs might be different. 

I can't remember the last time I purchased a new piece. I have so much that I love but don't usually wear so there is no need to and anything new. 

Don't really wear it so why spend lots of money on many different kinds

Scrapbook stuff
This is sort of a recent one and I'm still working on it. I've turned it into a collection of sorts and need to stop adding to it and start using it!

This has been something I've been giving up for years. This doesn't mean I'm not reading it just means I'm using the library more or a cost effective option like Scribd (try it out for 60 days free!)

Yes I am a weird person who still has DVDs in our house. Even though we have quite a few I've stopped adding to our collection unless it's something I can't get in another form and absolutely love. 

Physical gifts
I haven't totally stopped on this but it's been cut way back. Like for the nephew and nieces I've been getting them a small toy or something usable like chalk then contributing to their 529 education accounts for gifts. Or gifting experiences for the adults in my life.

Kevin and I have two things we like to get as souvenirs from trips, ornaments or magnets. They're small and something fun. For a few years we were getting so many it's a bit nuts so we've been cutting back on that and getting more consumable souvenirs to enjoy later when we're back. 

New Clothes
My style tends to be more classic with a little bit of pizzazz or trendy items thrown in. So why was I buying new clothes like crazy? There was no need for it. So now I'm working to wear clothes until there are holes and no new items until I absolutely need to.

We'e worked hard to cut pop out of our diet and only get it every now and then as a treat. 

Greeting cards
I have been making all of our cards for the past year and a half with my Cricut. They've been unique and people have enjoyed having a homemade card.

Notepads & sticky notes
We've acquired so many as gifts and through promotional items that we have enough for years. There is no reason to spend money on one just because I like the design. 

Same reason as the notepads!

Water bottles
We weren't really buying these regularly but we've gotten much better about taking our reusable ones when we leave the house. So if we need to we don't have to buy one while we're out. 

Home Decor
I've never been a huge home decor buyer but now that we own a place I've found myself wanting to buy. Instead I looked at things like my craft stash and said I've got paint and vinyl, Kevin's dad has wood scraps. I can make a really cool sign like the $25 one at the store with stuff I already have!

I love getting pampered. I usually get a couple of pedicures during the spring and summer plus I was getting regular massages to deal with the stress of my previous job. I've cut way back on these items and only get them as an every now and then treat. No pedicures at all this year!

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  1. Proud of you for not buying new jewelry, that was a tough one for you!