Why You need a 101 List

Stephanie reminded me earlier in the week that we are halfway through our THIRD 101 in 1001 list! It's pretty amazing to think about the fact that we are on our third list. Pretty sure Kevin thought I was nuts to do a third one. I think 101 lists are the best thing ever. I think everyone should be making 101 in 1001 lists. 

Are you a 101 list veteran? Here are four reasons why you need to make a 101 list immediately. 

Makes you see the bigger picture
So much of the time we get bogged down in the muck of life. We are living for each day and not seeing or working towards our bigger pictures. I can be really guilty of that. A 101 list can make you step back and look at your larger life goals. 

Get the some day things accomplished
Some day we'll take that tour. Some day we'll eat at this restaurant. You can some day yourself to death and you'll never experience anything. A 101 list is amazing way to get those some goals and wishes accomplished.  

It's fun
A 101 list should be fun! Really most of life should be fun, even work. While you need to make sure there are more serious tasks on your 101 list I think a majority of it should be fun. Otherwise what's the point? It will just seem like work then you won't want to work on the list. Fun is a must. 

Good habit of working towards goals

I love goals. Everyone needs goals in their life. A 101 list gives you a nice way to get yourself used to working towards goals. While I take my 101 list very seriously it's not as serious as something like work goals can be. If you have trouble working towards those more serious goals. 

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