7 Tips for Organizing Your Crafts

This past weekend I was at the Scrap Expo in Schaumburg. Mom and I went whole hog this year and did the weekend deal where we got a hotel and the big evening events as part of a lovely package. I took several fantastic classes and enjoyed spending the weekend with my mom and friends. Now that I'm feeling recovered from the late nights, we were up scrapbooking until midnight, we're wild huh? 

I was showing Kevin all the projects I worked on, the swag I got and purchased (all well under my budget!). He was wondering where I was going to put all of it in my craft room. I told him I was working on organizing the room and am implementing these tips so my crafts will be super organized. 

Crafts can really take on a life of their own. Especially if you do more than one type of craft. Organizing your crafts is super important so you don't waste anything. I've got 7 Tips for Organizing Your Crafts on Musings of a Museum Fanatic #crafts #scrapbook #organizing

Sell it, trade it, or give it away
This seems to be the number one tip on all my organization posts theses days but it's so true. We have so much more stuff than we need and I know I'm really guilty about that too. Especially when it comes to my craft supplies. What can I say I went a little crazy on some cricut mystery boxes haha. I'm working on selling craft items I won't use. I've already had several people take me up on it! If you can sell them or just don't want to take the time to sell it donating it to some place is great. I know kindergarten teachers I know have wanted craft supplies for projects in the past.

Figure out what and how you use it
This is not something I really considered before I was working on a scrapbook last year and realized that my stickers were in a out four different places. I thought I went through and found all the ones I wanted to use then later discovered more in another area that would have been awesome for the project. Having items grouped together by how you're going to use them us a life saver.

I also have been taking this to a new level. Say I'm working on a Disney scrapbook I'll go through all the paper, stickers and other pieces i think I'll be using for the scrapbook. That way I don't have to keep going back and forth along with digging through all my supplies. Keeps me more organized and more efficient!

Organize for access
This is an important tip that I've found to be really beneficial. While we were living in the smaller rental my crafts were tucked away everywhere, even in our storage room and at Kevin's parents house! This did not make it easy to complete a project, really it made it pretty impossible to complete any projects. I know that because of space it can be tough to organize with this in mind but maybe you need to go back and see if there are any supplies you can purge then. 

Decide about original packaging
It's either really important to keep the original packing or it needs to be tossed right away because it's a pain in the butt. Stickers are one of those items that I always like to keep in original packaging to protect them. That means they won't loose their sticky or if they're the fancy raised ones they won't be damaged. I also like to keep certain adhesives like little glue dots or adhesive foam pieces in their packages. Most other items make more sense to take out of the packages and store together. The package just gets in the way and takes up more room.

Like with like
This goes along with organizing for access. Be sure to put all your scrapbook items together and not get them all mixed up with your knitting stuff. This makes it so much easier when you're working on developing your projects. You look through all the stickers at once so you know what all you have. This also makes it much easier when you're buying something new, you don't end up buying a new pad of paper when you've got the exact kind already in your stash. 

Pull project materials together
You might think this is the same thing as like with like but it's different. For instance right now I have all of my Disney scrapbook items together in one container since I'm working on a Disney scrapbook. That way I only need to look in one area. It not only organizes a project but also makes it way more efficient too. When I'm completely done with the project I'll return the items to their main home. Stickers with stickers, paper goes with the rest of the paper and so on. Easy peasy. 

Don't pile
One area that I'm really bad at is piling. In all aspects of my life I tend to be a piler. It's something I've been working hard to stop. When it comes to craft materials piling can really make a mess of everything. I've found that especially when it comes to my scrapbook materials it can make things crazy. Piling paper is never a good idea. 

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