5 Cheap Small Things to Change in a New House

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Moving and purchasing a home has been a huge financial undertaking. Since we purchased an older property that really hadn't been updated at all we aren't able to make all the changes we want to right away. We are making a point to budget $50-$100 a month for making small changes on a continuous basis. Most people think that the best way to update a house is to make huge changes like redoing the kitchen all at once. There are lots of small, cheap changes that you can do that will really make it feel more updated. 

Light fixtures
This is one way we're updating our place right now. There are several fixtures that are straight out of 1991 in our home. They don't just scream I'm 28 years old they also hang down and make the rooms and hallways smaller. You can find simple, and nice light fixtures for $15-20 a piece or sometimes there two per package for that price. 

Bathroom hardware
Since bathroom trends have changed very drastically through the years bathroom hardware can really date a home. We were able to find nice looking stainless steel pieces online. If you check out places like Home Depot online you can find lots of good clearance deals. We could have had better deals but alas with Kevin and his nickel allergy we had to go for stainless steel. Even if you don't do all towel bars and toilet paper holders you could find those pieces on clearance for about $10 a piece! We even saw full sets for really good prices too.

Line cabinets
We discovered when we moved in that the shelves in some of the cabinets were a little worse for wear. Any big cabinet overhaul is a few years and many saved dollars away so we decided on a small update. Adding bright white or a colorful shelf liner hides the wear in the cabinets and gives you a clean, new surface. Shelf liner is very budget friendly at about $8 a roll for basic types and about $12 for fancier types. 

Add storage
While this seems like it could be a large undertaking there are ways to do it so it's budget friendly. We wanted to add more storage in the closets in my room for my craft stuff, Pampered Chef materials and all of our family history photos and documents. We found Closetmaid shelves at a great price at Menards. Spending just a little bit on the shelves made a huge difference. If you already have shelves but have other items you need to store on them better I love these plastic bins. I actually came across them at TJMaxx so I was able to use a house warming gift card I got from a friend. Bonus!

Paint cabinets
Another room in the house that everyone would love to update right away and can really make a place seem outdated is the kitchen. We all know that the kitchen is the most expensive room to update though. If you've got really good cabinets and a good layout why not just update the color with a little cabinet paint. You can completely change the entire look and feel of the kitchen with just this one little change. Plus with the comeback of white and colored cabinets it's the perfect way to be on trend without forking over lots of dough. 

What are some cheap, small changes you've made to your home? 

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