10 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

When life gets super busy it's nice to have a place in your life that is your escape and oasis. I always find that I enjoy escaping to the bathroom. Not because I'm trying to get away from someone but because I've made my bathroom into my own spa oasis. We all need a calming place why can't your bathroom be it? Do you feel like your bathroom is a spa oasis?

Keep it clean & tidy
First step to making sure that you feel relaxed in your new bathroom oasis is making sure you keep it clean and tidy. If you've got your whole make up collection strewn about the sink area you're not going to be able to relax. I know it stresses me out so I'm sure I can't be the only one.

Pamper yourself
In the recent years the ways to pamper yourself at home have grown exponentially. Now you can find dozens of different masks for your face, feet and everywhere in between. I even have Disney Princess face masks.

Luxurious towels
After you take a luxurious bath or shower it really brings you down when you wrap that scratchy towel around your body doesn't it? Invest in some fluffy, new towels. You can find lovely Turkish towels at lots of different places.

Decorate it
It's amazing how adding some wall art or something decorative to your vanity space can make a room feel more homey and comfortable. I don't have a problem putting photos in the bathroom but I know some people probably feel weird with faces looking at them while they're in the room. I have these great picture ledges that allow for a gallery wall feel without all the work. Adding these touches make the room feel like it's a room you can spend time in.

Upgrade your shower head
This is one thing I can't wait to save up for. I love when I'm at a hotel and they've got the double shower heads or even the rain shower heads. They always make me want to stay in the shower all day they feel so wonderful. This is a really low priced way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious too, with nice looking rain shower heads ranging from $20-$40.

Invest in a robe
I used to have a super comfy terry cloth robe. I could sit in that warm, softness for hours after a great bath or shower.

Add something to your bath
This should be a no brainer! Add your favorite bath bomb or bubble bath. I'm partial to Dr. Teal's different bubble baths. If you don't have a bath tub there are now steamer tabs you can put in the shower too! I haven't tried it yet but I've seen gobs of recipes on Pinterest to make different bath bombs and shower tabs. This is great if you're wanting to make sure you know exactly what's going into those or you have special skin requirements.

Bring in some greenery
I feel like greenery brings almost anything to the next level. As someone who is trying to overcome their not so green thumb I think having a greenery that you don't have to water is a good option too. Back in the day fake plants were really obvious and looked cheesy but now you can find really beautiful fake arrangements. I'm especially a fan of the fake succulent plants. I have one on my desk at work that two people thought was real. So whether alive or fake add some green.

Switch out plastic bottles
There is nothing like seeing all the advertising of your various bath products to bring you back to reality. While you can tuck all of those bottles away there are some that you just can't. So if you can't hide them change them out. A nice pump bottle or jar will jazz up your everyday products. You see fancy glass bottles and jars in the spas and fancy bathrooms so why shouldn't use something like that to make your bathroom feel better.

Make your floors warmer
I hate ceramic floors. Yup I said it. I hate them for two main reasons. Cleaning grout is awful and they're cold as all get out. A cold floor does not make a bathroom feel like a spa oasis. When we ripped out the carpet in our new bathroom I knew we were going to be putting in a vinyl floor. I knew the cleaning would be way simpler plus no cold toes when I step outside of the shower! Add even more warmth with a microfiber or plush rug.

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