5 Tricks to Help You Get Dressed Quickly

5 Tricks to Help You Get Dressed Quickly
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When we were living in Roselle and I had to commute almost an hour it was rough getting myself out of the door in the morning. I didn't want to wake up any earlier that was a definite no go but I didn't want to start work later either. So I had to be really smart about my morning routine. So I worked on figuring out how I could simplify and make getting dressed more efficient in the morning. What does getting dressed in the morning look like for you? Do you have an airtight routine that gets you out the door quickly or do you like a leisurely routine?

Know the weather
This can be a really important one especially when it's January in the Chicago area. You never know if it's going to be sunny and 33 degrees or if it's going to be a freak snow storm. You'll always want to be prepared so be smart and always check the weather. I tend to check it at night when I'm doing the next tip and that morning. You never know what weather changes can happen during the night!

Lay out your clothes
Preparation is the key to being ready in a jiffy. I've taken to laying out my clothes the night before. Not only do I make sure to lay out my clothes I don't take an hour to pick them out. I've been working on simplifying my clothes so I don't have too many different pants, work or casual, so that's a quick grab. I make sure to pick a top quickly too. They say that's why Steve Jobs always wore the same outfit so he wouldn't have to waste so much time on useless things like picking out clothes. Even my socks and underwear get laid out the night before. I know it seems like these would take no time at all but it's much easier to grab one pile of clothes than opening multiple drawers.

Simplify accessories
Are you someone who has dozens of necklaces and you can't even tell which one starts where? Do you have enough earrings to equip a marching band? Simplifying accessories can really make getting dressed oh so simple. I prefer pieces that I know work with many different types of outfits, casual and business. That way I can use a piece I love all the time. This helps to make sure something will be in style for more than one season as well. Even better is when you take a couple seconds to layout your necklaces and other accessories with your outfit for the next day. 

Check/prepare your purse & bag
Day to day my work bag and purse really contain the same contents so there isn't much need to check or change anything. There are some days though when I do need to change up my purse, like when I head to the city for a professional meeting or I'm visiting other archives. I don't take my full wallet downtown so I take time to pull out some money, my ID and other items that I know I'll need into a smaller wallet. Prepping like this the night before will allow time for those missed items to be found, like my Ventra card I always seem to be misplacing! 

Cut back on mirror time
Time spent it front of the mirror with your hair and make up can suck up so much time it's insane. I have long hair so when I need to wash it in the morning just blow drying it can suck up tons of time. Having a good tool like my CHI hair dryer can save you time. I've also cut my make up routine down to almost nothing and on some days nothing. Having a quick and easy make up routine that I can put on in less than five minutes is a life saver. Invest in products that do multiple things or are easy to apply. 

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