4 One Time Use Plastics to Stop Using Now

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Things have finally sort of calmed down over here, well mostly calmed down in the fact that everything is at least in the town home but still boxes everywhere. Plus now I have internet again so I thought I'd take some time to actually sit down and post since I've been a slacker lately. Since moving into our new place I've been taking stock of what all we have in our possession so Steph and Stephanie's Plastic Free in July challenge comes at the right time. Check out their posts for the details the next few weeks. 

4 One Time Use Plastics to Stop Using Now by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

I've been thinking a lot about and paying attention to all the ways I utilize one time only plastics in my life. When you sit there and think about it there are TONS  one time use plastics that we use in our lives and we don't even realize it. These are four areas that I see my own plastic usage and I'm going to work on this next month. How I'm going to do some of these I'm not entirely sure but I know I'll get some good ideas from everyone! 

Produce Containers

This is one area that never even occurred to me that I was using a ton of plastics. Since we always try to do most of our shopping from the edge of the store we buy a lot of produce. Just looking in my fridge now I've a clam shell containers of raspberries for me and blueberries for Kevin. We've got plastic bags that I put asparagus in. This is one area I use plastic that never even crossed my mind! I challenge you to check your produce bin right now and see how much plastic is in it. I have absolutely no idea how to reduce my consumption of these. Especially when things like berries are sold by the clam shell. I'd love to hear more ideas about this. 


I think we're all aware at this point how terrible an idea plastic straws are. Lately I've been noticing how much restaurants are cutting back on plastic straws which is awesome but I know that I still get them from lots of restaurants. With so many different options now it's tough to see why we would still be using plastic. I really enjoy using my Pampered Chef Metal Straws at home. I'm going to be giving two sets of these fantastic straws for the giveaway too! Not a fan of metal I've seen other options out there such as silicone or paper. My goal this month is to ask not to get a straw with my drink when we eat out. 

Plastic Shopping Bags

Another really obvious way that we all have consumable plastic all the time in our lives. A few years ago Chicago passed a law that you're charged extra for plastic bags in an effort to get people to use reuseable bags. From what I've seen I think it definitely helps. My issue is I always forget to bring them with me. What tricks do you use to remember to bring your reuseable bags? Do you have a stash that stays in your car all the time? Do you have one of those cool ones that tucks into your purse?

Water Bottles

Water bottles is another area that lots of us can reduce our plastic consumption. When I'm in my normal routine I have no problem. At work I've got my awesome Infusion Water Bottle and at home I've got a fancy looking reusable water bottle stashed in my fridge at all times. It's other times when I'm grabbing something on the go or need hydration when there is no fountain around that I will go with a single use water bottle. I'm sure there are ways to avoid using one time use water bottles plus I'm sure that will save us all some money too!

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