Summer 2019 Goals Link Up

Another season done another set of goals complete or incomplete.  Looking back I have more red than I'd like to admit on my spring goals. With all the craziness with the new town home it really ate up way more of my extra time than I thought it would. For the past month I've been there almost every single day after work and most of the weekends doing something. 

Ready to move in this weekend! While I didn't finish up all of my goals for the season really the only one that I didn't do anything on was the crescent dishrags. We have been cutting back pretty hardcore each month on our eating out since we started the budget. Soon we will been working that budget enough where we will be able to complete the month without eating out! 

1. Evaluate and make changes to any 101 List items in preparation for the end of year one.
2. Pitch 50 local places on my list. 
3. Pack at least a box a week starting now.
4.  Complete a month without eating out. 
5. Get together with Rachel.
6. Have ladies time with Mom & Bethany. 
7. Work on crescent dishrag pattern.

With moving tomorrow I feel like most of my list items should be relating to the move but I don't want them all to be! 

1. Finish up the wallpaper removal and painting the second bedroom. 
2. Cross four items off my 101 list. 
3. Get the last bit of our stuff out of our parents houses.
4. Book our flights and the rental car for our Williamsburg trip. 
5. Print photos for reunion photo albums. 
6. Have my craft room all set up
7. Finish up Financial Peace classes

What goals are you planning on accomplishing this summer? 

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