5 Must Take Photos with The Bean

Cloud Gate's story begins 20 years ago in 1999 when London artist Anish Kapoor's design was chosen for the centerpiece sculpture of the new in progress Millennium Park. A little critical at first Chicagoans and visitors soon embraced this legume shaped work of art and lovingly dubbed it The Bean. 

I didn't know this before doing some research but The Bean is actually polished twice a day and cleaned throughout the day to minimize the amount of finger prints! It has for sure become a very recognizable symbol of the Windy City! Now to share my 5 must take photos with The Bean. Next time you visit or walk by on your way to work you should be sure to snap a few of these. 

Shot of the area around The Bean

I always like to start taking photos when I round the steps up from Michigan right when I hit the plaza The Bean sits in. Throughout each season you get great photos of the entire space. I especially love the winter when you can see snow and people bundled up in these photos. Plus you get great shots of The Bean sitting in front of the skyline.

Close Up selfie

The close up selfie is definitely the most common photo people take with The Bean. You really can't stop by The Bean and not take this photo. There are so many options with this one too. I always try to make sure I find an area of the bean that is a little cleaner. I think because so many people are up close and touch The Bean it can get really smudgy but you can always fund a good spot. Another version of the close up is the super close up shot where you're getting a photo of you almost or actually pressed up to The Bean.

Under The Bean

Most people will stand under The Bean and have someone take their photograph from further back. I agree that this is always an excellent photo but I recommend while you're under The Bean looking up and taking a photograph of the underside. I like to stand in the middle underneath and snap a shot. Because of the different shape of the curve underneath you get a totally different photograph. It's just such a cool photo. You can impress everyone with how artsy it looks!

Skyline photo

This is by far my favorite photo to take at The Bean. This is the photo where you pull back and take a photo of the upper half of The Bean. Focusing on making sure that you only get the skyline, clouds and not any of the people. It's always just such a neat photo, especially if you're there on a day with some cool clouds. There is also the slightly lower skyline photo where you can get people in it but the majority of the photograph is focusing on the upper part of The Bean. This is also a top notch photo.

Aerial Photo

I always recommend getting a view of the city from high up if possible. I mean come on Chicago is the home of the skyscraper after all so why wouldn't the views from these icons be amazing? The view of The Bean from up high is no slouch in fact until I had actually experienced that view myself I didn't realize how much I was missing out on! This particular view is from Cindy's Rooftop and as you can see it lived up to the hype!

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