4 Things to Do For Your Blog When You Just Can't Write

4 Things to do For Your Blog When You Just Can't Write by Musings of a Museum Fanatic  #blog #blogging #blogs

There are days and weeks when you don't have any blog posts ready to go. I've had one of those weeks. This past week Kevin and I spent most evenings at the townhome talking through changes and starting to put them in place. Yesterday I spent the day downtown with Stephanie which was super fun but we were all over the place from Little India to Andersonville and I clocked in over 15,000 steps. Today I was at the townhome peeling wallpaper and hauling in laminate flooring for my hobby room. While not as many steps I still clocked in at 13,000 steps. 

I got home this evening and thought to myself holy cow I haven't had a moment to finish up any of the posts I had started from a week before. What the heck am I going to do? Sometimes when you just can't because you're exhausted you need to do some things that are low impact but important to your blog. What do you do for your 

Focus on social media

Sometimes it can be tough to sit down and write but we don't have a problem scrolling through our social media when we're exhausted. Take this time to connect and comment on other bloggers and businesses. Everyone is always telling you that's the way to build your following. I also don't find scheduling social media as taxing when I'm so exhausted as writing posts. It's fun to look back through your photos and see what you want to share. Pinning can be a perfect mindless activity. I enjoy getting all my pins scheduled through Tailwind when I can't bring myself to do anything else. 

Fix up a few old posts

This is always a task I never make time for regularly. When I'm super tired though I like to fix one or two old posts. I go through and make sure photos are actually linked. My favorite way to fix up older posts is to make sure they have a pinable image. Now that I have gobs of templates that I use through Canva this is and easy and fast way to feel like I've done a lot for my blog without a lot of effort. 


Taking time to come up with new content ideas is something we should be doing for our blogs regularly. When you have a nice big idea list it can be easy to work your way through it and not realizing you're almost out of ideas. Brainstorming is a perfect low impact blog task that keeps your idea list full. I also think that looking back at old posts and trying to think of more posts that can come from those old posts is good to work on when you're tired too. 

Read & Comment

Reading and commenting on other blogs is probably one of the lowest impact and enjoyable tasks you can do when you just can't. Connecting other bloggers isn't only good for growing your blog it's always fun to see what other bloggers are writing about. Checking in on the blogs you follow and finding new favorites. 

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