15 Thoughts I had During our Closing

Kevin and I did it! We're now home owners! 

After two months of being under contract we sat down this morning and closed the deal. It's my first time as a homeowner and so my first time going through the entire process from start to finish. There is so much I learned along the way and so much that that still is overwhelming. Yesterday morning we officially closed on the town home. During the process I had so many different thoughts going through my head! Are you a homeowner? Did you have these thoughts going through closing?

Oh my gosh we're actually doing this!

Holy cow that stack of papers is huge do we have to sign every piece of paper?

Ok good we don't have to sign every piece

My hand is going to be sore after this

Wait what does that weird real estate term mean?

Has my handwriting always been this terrible?

I still don't understand what exactly that weird real estate term means except that we're paying more money for something. 

Really they're charging us for that?

Gotta love taxes in Cook County

Well at least Kevin has worse handwriting than me 

Are we done with all this signing yet?

I'm glad all of this is written down and I don't have to remember it all!

We're almost there I can see the bottom of the pile!

This is the last thing we have to sign thank goodness

Holy cow we're home owners!! Crazy!!

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