Spring Goals Update

Spring Goals Update Musings of a Museum Fanatic

There is a reason that I make a point of checking in on my goals part way through the season. Again I've totally forgotten several of them that are on the list. If I wouldn't do a check in on them I'd blow them off and not even get them part way completed. How are your spring goals going? Have you been doing better than I have at remembering them?

1. Evaluate and make changes to any 101 List items in preparation for the end of year one.
So I took care of this one early on in the season but have actually been looking and evaluating a couple more of my 101 list items. As I take another good look at a few they don't seem totally in line with where life has taken us so I think I'll be revisiting and rewriting those couple this summer.

2. Pitch 50 local places on my list.
This is one list item that I've actually be avoiding like the plague. I think because my numbers aren't amazing and in the five digit numbers I've been getting really down on myself about them. I shouldn't let myself get so in my head about it because I've pitched places before with less numbers than I have now and they worked with me. So I got over myself this morning and sent out 10 emails! Here's hoping I hear back with lots of positive replies.

3. Pack at least a box a week starting now.
We have been doing really well at this task. I wish we would get our act a little more together and do more than one a week but now that we're closing next week I think that will actually start to happen.

4. Complete a month without eating out.
So far this one is a no go. It's just really difficult when I'm out all evening for something I'm involved in and there is not a good way for me to bring dinner. Since we started budgeting we've cut waaaay back on this though. I feel like with us sticking to the budget we're cutting back and will be able to complete the month really soon without going totally cold turkey.

5. Get together with Rachel.
I think we're going to fail at this one. Rachel was without a car for almost two months while it was in the shop and now she's just had their second baby. So we might have to think about getting together closer to July.

6. Have ladies time with Mom & Bethany.
Bethany and I have decided that as soon as we close and figure out more of how our weekends are in June we'll be putting this on the books. Kevin and I have left every weekend in June open for the house stuff and moving. I know can you believe that I have so many weekends free?! Me either. Although I am itchy when I think about how they're free haha.

7. Work on crescent dishrag pattern.
Totally forgot this guy was on the list. Mom gave me smaller needles to give the pattern a try. She thought that might make a difference in the size. So I've been thinking that I'll leave those guys unpacked and give that a try in the next month since everything will be packed.

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