8 Things That Happened Lately

It's finally feeling like spring in Chicago! Spring is always a crazy time of year around here. With anniversaries for my brother starting mid-March several birthdays in April ending with our anniversary in May plus throw in Easter and Mother's Day there is just so much that happens in the spring. I thought it would be a good time to catch you up on some of what's been happening. How has your spring been? As crazy as mine?

While so many things have happened the past couple of months here are the 8 big happenings. 

Kevin's Grandma
A week ago Kevin's grandma passed away. She was 83 and had been suffering from dementia for several years. Kevin is really sad that she passed away but happy that's she's not in pain anymore. He gave a lovely eulogy during the service. I'm not sure if someone said this to me or if I read it somewhere but funerals are really for the living not the deceased. I hate to put it this way but one thing I love about funerals is all the stories. There were so many stories shared it was great. Got to hear a few new ones about Kevin too. 

Looking for a house
In March Kevin and I started looking for a new place to live so I wouldn't have a 50 minute commute. in the course of a weekend of looking at new rentals we decided to just go for it and buy a place. After lots of looking we're under contract and set to close the beginning of June! SO brace yourself for lots of new house photos, home tours and more moving posts coming soon. 

Orlando Trip
Early in March Kevin and I got to escape the cold for a long weekend in Orlando! This time we didn't stay on Disney property so we had an opportunity to do some things that had been on our list for a while. There is a huge lake in the Orlando area that they do massive bass fishing tournaments on. We booked a guide to take us out fishing. It was a slow morning but Kevin caught a few and I caught the biggest one like I said i would. 

One day was spent at Disney. We thought it would be fun to finally take one of the behind the scenes tours. It was so much fun! I love getting to hear the back story about pretty much everything in the Magic Kingdom. We even got to hop the line at a couple of rides. Next time we will for sure be doing another tour. This trip we were able to see the Orange County Regional History Center, I've known someone who has worked there so it was neat to see it. 

7th Anniversary
Yesterday we celebrated 7 years! It doesn't feel like it's been that long. I feel like it was just 7 minutes ago. We went out to lunch to the Japanese place nearby that we love. Made sure it was in the budget! We're not doing gifts this year since we're stockpiling our savings for the move and there are some things that we want for the house right away. I'd love to have a table like my brother made for my sister in law a couple years ago. I told Kevin he and my brother can make me one for our anniversary some time later this summer.

Easter Weekend
Easter weekend Juliette was baptized and we celebrated that along with Easter and my birthday together. During the baptism Elowen was in fine form. The kids area always invited to come to the front to see the baptism and she was telling the other kids (they're probably 4 years old) about her shoes and they were telling her to shhhh. It was hilarious. The weather was great that weekend so we really enjoyed being outside. Kevin, his parents, my mom and I all went out for tapas after the baptism. So good. I love tapas.

Easter Sunday was spent enjoying the lovely weather with my side. The kids were in fine form. Lane only grabbed an egg from Elowen maybe twice. He helped he find the eggs more than he just grabbed them from her.

Time with friends
I've gotten to have lots of fun with friends the past couple of months. My former colleagues and I had our dinner night out. We started doing dinners out when Pam left a few years ago as a time to catch up and now that I'm at a different job it's even more important to make sure we have the dinners regularly! I got to spend a lovely St. Patrick's Day downtown with Jackie and some of her friends. We went fancy and enjoyed cocktails at the Langham Hotel bar. It has the perfect view of the green river.

Even though I'm in a new job I had to go back to decorate my friend Mark's cube for his 50th birthday! We had been planning and talking about it since September! I wasn't about to slack off and not come through for the big day. It felt a little odd being back but since I was after most people were out for the day I didn't run into too many people but I did get to say hi to some of my friends in IT and the Visual Communications department. As you can see we went all out. There are lots of items that we wrapped throughout his desk. I'm pretty sure he'll be finding them for a while hee hee.

Financial Peace University
We have been talking about being better with our finances probably since we've been married. Not that we're living paycheck to paycheck or that we don't have anything in savings. It's just that we can be much better at knowing where our money is going and what we spend it on. Several years ago we had talked about going through Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. He has a really interesting story and the program is simple and very sensible. I'm sure I'll be sharing more on that as we're working our way through the baby steps.  

Louie turns 40
I've noticed as we've been getting older that birthdays don't seem to be such a big deal and we don't make as big a deal of them. Heck we're not really celebrating mine until probably the third week of May and it was April 19th. We did make sure to celebrate my brother's birthday together this year though since he was turning the big 4-0! It was a fun meal of our favorite homemade spaghetti and meatballs using the Manichia recipe. Just a good time chilling with everyone.

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