3 Things I Learned After Our First Month of Budgeting

3 Things I Learned After Our First Month of Budgeting by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #budget #budgeting #finances

Budgeting month one is done and now we're almost done with month two! I'm really proud of Kevin and I for working hard on not just setting a budget but working hard to stick to it these past months too. We both went into the first month with certain thoughts. We figured that the process would be exactly a certain way and that we were going to do things a certain. Well like most things in life it did not turn out that way! We're only partially through month two and we've already learned so much about budgeting, finances and how the two of us react to certain issues. Do you budget? What are your best learning moments or tips?

If you're part of a team, it takes a team
Kevin and I are a team. #TeamGlenn When you're a part of a team you cannot do something big like a budget on your own. You have to work on it together. That is the only way making and sticking to a budget will ever work. You need to be working towards that goal together. Both of you need to be all in on the budget and working together. It won't work well otherwise and you will just create problems. If you're single you are your own team! Make sure that you are all in and working hard on your budget. 

It won't be perfect
I always want to get things right the first time I do them. I can get really OCD about things. Starting our budgeting was one of those things I wanted to get 100% right immediately. We both realized early on last month that it wasn't perfect because life isn't perfect. Stuff will come up throughout the month and you'll need to readjust. Starting off you will also severely underestimate the amount of gas you use in a single month! I've heard that it takes a couple of months to really get the hang of budgeting and that makes a lot of sense. 

Won't feel deprived 
I thought that I would feel super deprived when we started budgeting but surprisingly I feel totally opposite. I read that by sticking to a budget actually gives you permission to spend. We put in a little bit of fun money, just $100 for each, for the two of us and it made a huge difference. Kevin and I are able to keep our plans without throwing the budget and ourselves into wack. For me it made me think outside the box and suggest things that would make my fun money last. Such as meeting up at a place that had great happy hour deals and sharing with my friend so the bill was low. 

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